What’s New K-Pop (September Week 1)

The first week of September has seen releases from talented K-Pop groups such as fromis_9, ONEUS, LOONA, Stray Kids, A.C.E, STAYC, and Golden Child. Furthermore, this week has also seen the release of music from soloists such as Lee Eun Sang, Young K, and Lee Hi. Keep reading for more about the brilliant music that has been put out in the first week of September!

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Dazzling girl group fromis_9 is back with their fun and playful new track, “Talk & Talk.” This track itself is uplifting, with joyful lyrics and lively choreography. With an aesthetic music video filled with bright colors and retro telephones, this girl group brings some brightness to the beginning of fans’ September.

Lee Eun Sang

Lemonade MV

Bright and refreshing, former X1 member Lee Eunsang is back with his second comeback titled “Lemonade.” This summery song and its simple sweet feel suit Lee Eunsang’s stunning voice. The music video features bike rides through the forest and simple summer pleasures such as lemonade and picnics. Fresh and sunny, Lee Eunsang showcases his versatility in this brand-new track!


Life is Beautiful MV

ONEUS’s second ONEUS THEATRE single, “Life is Beautiful,” is a light-hearted pop track with a refreshing atmosphere. With bright vocals and fun lyrics, this song makes the listener immediately feel more radiant. The music video reflects the summery feel of this song and the cheerful sound of the track. Altogether this song was beautifully made and performed by the always-impressive ONEUS.

Lee Hi

Savior (feat. B.I)

The next release is Lee Hi’s breathtakingly stunning new track “Savior,” featuring the incredibly talented B.I. This track perfectly supports Lee Hi’s truly stunning vocals with beautiful lyrics and perfect instrumental composition. The music video for this song reflects the storyline, with cinematic shots of Lee Hi, B.I, and their characters’ pasts. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful music videos that has been released this year, being perfectly emotional, beautiful, and meaningful. The second single released from Lee Hi’s brand new “4ONLY” album, “Savoir,” is a one-in-a-million track.


Not Friends MV

LOONA members HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Yves, released their brand new unit track, “Not Friends,” produced by RYAN JHUN. This pop track is a powerful song with impactful lyrics and a melody that stays with the listener. Furthermore, this instrumental is stunningly created, and the mood perfectly suits the members of this unit. The music video for this song features action movie-like shots that reflect the overall vibe of this song, with powerful imagery and stunning scenes. Overall this song is already an iconic track of September.

Stray Kids

The View MV
Sorry, I Like You MV

Stray Kids have released two music videos in the first week of September. The first track video released by Stray Kids is for their B-Side track “The View.” This song is a light and summery track with a refreshing vibe. The music video reflects this aesthetic with the members performing the song among open fields and forests.
The second track video released by Stray Kids is for their second B-Side track, “Sorry, I Like You.” Unlike the previous B-Side, this song is a more emotional track about someone struggling with their feelings. The MV reflects the atmosphere of this track with the members simply singing straight to the camera. This music video style emphasizes the lyrics and skill displayed by the members throughout this track.


Changer MV

A.C.E is back with their brand new ensemble group track “Changer.” This pop track is a fun and upbeat song with an addictive hook and melody. As the title track for their newest album, “Changer: Dear Eris,” this track really displays the color of this unique group. The music video showcases the members’ charismatic performance skills, the fun choreography of this song, and the overall youthful feel of this brilliant track. With a catchy chorus and beautiful instrumental, A.C.E’s new comeback is a dynamic and refreshing pop anthem.



Hit girl group “STAYC” are back with their empowering new track “STHit girl group “STAYC” are back with their empowering new track named “STEREOTYPE.” This fun and upbeat new song perfectly illustrate everything fans love about this talented new girl group. The music video mirrors the fun and fresh feel of the song, with high teen aesthetics of high school and slumber parties. With the message to confidently show off your unique colors, this uplifting and fun track is another brilliant track from one of the quickest growing girl groups in K-Pop.

Young K

Guard You MV

Day6’s YoungK has made his solo debut with the powerful track “Guard You.” The title track to his brand new debut album “Eternal,” “Guard You,” is an emotional song about protecting a relationship and being there for their partner in hard times. The music video is cinematic and dramatic, with impactful visuals of an apocalypse and Young K’s dazzling performance. Overall, Young K’s debut track perfectly reflects this incredible artist’s unbelievable skill and talent in vocals and performance.

Golden Child

Singing in the Rain MV
Outside the Window MV
This Feeling MV

In the first week of September, hit group Golden Child has released three of the track videos for their incredible B-Side tracks released in August.

Singing In The Rain

The first track video to be released was the emotional and beautiful duet song by JooChan and BoMin titled “Singing In The Rain.” The music video for this track showcased the members’ acting skills as the video featured a K-Drama-like storyline of love, friendship, and shifting relationships between the three protagonists.


The second track video to be released is the fun dance song “POPPIN'” performed by members Y and JangJun. The music video illustrates the playful vibe of the song, with Y and JangJun playing the characters of two frustrated office workers. Fun and catchy, this entertaining track video is the perfect companion to this dance-pop track.

That Feeling

The third track to be released by Golden Child was the summer track “That Feeling” by members SeungMin, DongHyun, and JaeHyung. In the music video for this track, the members enjoy the refreshing seaside and summery aesthetic found in this uplifting and fun track. Another pop masterpiece from Golden Child’s “Game Changer” album, this track brings a summery and fresh feel that perfectly suits the member’s stunning voices.

Outside the Window

The next track video released by Golden Child was DaeYeol’s solo track “Outside the Window.” This emotional ballad track tells the story of someone going through a painful breakup that they see reflected in everything around them. The music video perfectly displays this storyline with dramatic scenes of a broken relationship and the main character’s lingering heart. Heart-breaking, this ballad showcases DaeYeol’s dynamic vocal skills.


The final track video put out by this group was TAG & JiBeom’s fun dance-pop track titled “GAME.” The music video for this track is filled with Las Vegas-style gambling rooms and glittering sets that match the theme of high-risk games. With a unique sound and catchy lyrics, this song by TAG and JiBeom brings a unique color to this incredible collection of songs.

Altogether, Golden Child has created stunning music videos for their beautiful B-Side tracks. With beautiful vocal ballads, fun pop tracks, and more, the members of Golden Child are demonstrating their incredibly versatile and powerful talents.

For more on September, look out for more articles coming soon!

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