Top 20 Most Talked-About K-Artists of the Last Month (July 2022)

Who were the artists of the last month that got you talking?  Here are the 20 most talked-about Korean (K-Pop and other) artists of July:


With the viral success of her YouTube show and her casting on the ultra-popular Na PD variety show "Earth Arcade," brilliant rapper Lee Young-ji is one of the most popular celebrities of the last month.


The talented trot singer, Song Gain, the winner of 2019's 'Miss Trot, recently released her full-length record, "The Song of Love" and its two singles "Rainy Mt. Geumgang," and "From The Night Train."

18. (G)I-DLE

After the massive success of "TOMBOY" and their current ongoing tour, the members of (G)I-DLE have proven why they are one of the most popular groups to debut under CUBE.


The members of TWICE have already had a huge year, with a sold-out tour that took the group around the globe and the release of their successful Japanese album.

In addition to their tour and Japanese releases, the members of TWICE are currently preparing for the release of their anticipated new Korean EP.


Having released some of the most popular trot songs of the last three years, YOUNGTAK's first album, "MMM," is one of the most listened-to trot records of the year.


Having debuted recently in May, LE SSERAFIM have already become one of the most famous girl groups of the year. The rookie group have stunned with their stunning potential!


One of the most talked-about solo artists in the industry, former-Wanna One member Kang Daniel has made his name as a singer, songwriter, actor, host, and CEO of his own company.

13. FROMIS_9

The girl group of the summer, fromis_9 have dominated the top of the charts with their summer hit "Stay This Way." Thier catchy tracks have drawn millions of new fans this year.


With the release of his recent album, "Handwritten Letter" and OST tracks "My dream," and "Alright (with Basick)" for the drama "Never Give Up," Jeong Dongwon is a brilliantly talented trot singer.


At the end of June, trot-star Kim Hee-jae released his self-titled full-length album. The record, a 10-song journey, is a demonstration of everything that has made Kim Hee-jae a mega star.

10. IVE

This rookie group has the whole world in a state of excitement and anticipated as millions of fans look forward to their summer release dropping soon.

As one of the bestselling artists of the last year, with hits like "ELEVEN" and "Love Dive," the members of IVE are defining the sound of the K-Pop genre.


After releasing THE song of the summer and two hit albums, the thirteen members Seventeen are currently making headlines with their massive ongoing international tour.


Known as a "Korean classical crossover singer," Kim Ho-joong and his post-militsry discharge album "PANARAMA," has intrigued fans with his new style and incredible talent.

7. IU

The most popular soloist in the Korean music industry, IU is an untouchable force. With the release of her most recent movie, IU continues to fly to greater heights as one of the greatest actor-singers of all time.


The most popular global girl group, BLACKPINK and this upcoming fall release is expected to be one of the most successful records of the year.


A top celebrity and trot singer, talented Lee Chanwon has charmed the nation with his dazzling voice and incredible musical skill and technique.

4. BTS

After the release of their beautiful compilation album, "Proof," earlier this year. BTS continue to draw fans with their dynamic individual solo projects and releases


Through hard work and one-of-a-kind music and performances, the four members of aespa have dominated the Korean music industry with their unique sound and style.

2. PSY

PSY's "That That (Feat. & Prod. by SUGA of BTS)," the track that shook every college festival, is undoubtedly going to be one of THE songs that fans will remember 2022 for.


The leader of trot's new-tro renaissance, Lim Young-woong has become a uniting artist for fans across genres, ages, and demographics.

The list you have just read was based on Korea's Singer Brand Reputation Index

"The singer brand reputation index is an index analyzed through positive/negative ratio analysis and analysis algorithms (...)

"(...) by extracting big data of singer brands that are loved by consumers and classifying them into participation value, communication value, media value, and community value."

"Through brand reputation analysis, you can find out who, where, how, how, how, and why you talk about a brand." BRI2022 ( (Translation by Papago Naver)

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