Top 15 Trot Artists of August (2022)

Images: @kimheejae_official (IG), @songgain_ (IG), @sambahong (IG), @leechanwon_official (IG), @official_kimhojoong (IG), @youngtak__official (IG), @limyoungwoong.official (IG)

With new releases from the best trot artists, August was a fun month to be a trot fan.  Here are the 15 most-talked-about trot stars of August 2022:

15. Seol Woon-do 14. Tae Jin-ah 13. Kim Hee-jae

12. Song Ga-in 11. Park Goon 10. Jang Minho

9. Na Hoon-ah 8. Nam-jin 7. Hong Jin-young

6. Jang Yoon-jeong 5. Jeong Dong-won 4. Kim Ho-joong

3. Youngtak

2. Lee Chan-won

1. Lim Young-woong

The list you have just read was based on Korea's Brand Reputation Chart for Top Male Idols (Individuals) of August 2022.

The Korean Business Research Institute's Brand Reputation Ranking is calculated primarily by how much the artist/celebrity is mentioned online and in the media.