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Top 15 Most Popular Boy Group Ranking This Summer (2022)

International tour, millions of fans, and chart-topping hits, here are THE 15 most-talked about K-Pop Boy Groups for this Summer: 


Iconic K-Pop group, Super Junior found renewed success with their 11th Album, "The Road: Keep Going Vol.1" and their chart-topping hit "Mango," this July!


Famous since their debut in 2010, the members, Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong, consistently make the Top 20 Most Popular Groups

13. TXT

With the release of their summer comeback, "Good Boy Gone Bad," TXT rocked audiences around the globe making them undeniably one of the top summer groups this year!


The members of ENHYPEN have been unstoppable this year, putting out their recent hits, "Future Perfect (Pass The MIC)" and "ParadoXX Invasion" ENHYPEN have made their home at the top of the charts.


Having just finished their super tour around the world, JYPE 4th generation group Stray Kids has been one of the most talked-about groups among K-Pop fans and listerners.

10. BTOB

With their huge influence and popularity in Korea / around the globe, BTOB are undeniably one of the most famous K-Pop groups in the industry at the moment.


After WINNER's long-awaited comeback, "I LOVE U," released this summer, the four members of WINNER have reminded fans why they are one of the top YG groups!

8. EXO

With beloved summer songs like "Ko Ko Pop" and "Love Me Right," EXO belongs in EVERY K-Pop Summer collection.

One of the most successful artists of all time, EXO and their uniquely talented members are and will always be beloved by millions of fans and listeners around the globe.


Legendary YG mega-group, BIGBANG returned this year with their incredibly popular track, "Still Life," and have not left the charts since then.


International tours and chart-topping tracks, THE BOYZ have skyrocketed to the top of the industry and gained global fame with the members' hard work, incredible performances, tracks, and talent.


With their brilliant bi-lingual English-Korean discography bringing in nearly 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Monsta X have successfully conquered the global music industry.


One of my personal top groups of this year, ASTRO's spring record, "Drive To Starry Road," and its title track, "Candy Sugar Pop," have become the soundtrack of this summer!

3. NCT

Following the summer release of NCT DREAM's "Glitch Mode" and "Beatbox," records as well as the upcoming release of NCT 127's new comeback, NCT have made not left fans' playlists this season!


SEVENTEEN's hit "HOT" is the song of the summer. Their records "Face The Sun," and "SECTOR17" have been blasted from every K-Pop fan's speakers since their release.

1. BTS

No surprise here! Although the BTS members currently pursuing their solo ambitions, the group has continued to make daily headlines. Most recently J-Hope held the performance of the year at Chicago's Lollapalooza.

The list you have just read was based on Korea's Brand Reputation Chart for Top Boy Group of July 2022.

The Korean Business Research Institute's Brand Reputation Ranking is calculated primarily by how much the artist/celebrity is mentioned online and in the media.