&TEAM: The Final Lineup + ALL The Debut Details (2022)

Images: @and_audition (IG), @andteam_official (IG)

After weeks on the popular survival program "&AUDITION- THE HOWLING," the nine final trainees to debut in HYBE Corp.'s new Japanese group have been selected.

The new group will debut in Japan on the 7th of December with the new name, "&TEAM." The group will be the first J-Pop group to debut with HYBE Corp.

&TEAM will include members:

1. K

Birthday: 21/11/97 Nationality: Japanese

2. Taki

Birthday: 4/5/05 Nationality: Japanese

3. EJ

Name: Byun Eui-joo Birthday: 7/9/02 Nationality: Korean

4. Nicholas

Name: Wang Yixiang Birthday: 9/7/02 Nationality: Taiwanese

5. Jo

Name: Asakura Jo Birthday: 8/7/04 Nationality: Japanese

6. Harua

Birthday: 1/5/05 Nationality: Japanese

7. Maki

Name: Hirota Riki Birthday: 17/2/06 Nationality: Japanese-German

8. Yuma

Name: Nakakita Yuma Birthday: 7/2/04 Nationality: Japanese

9. Fuma

Name: Murata Fuma Birthday: 29/6/98 Nationality: Japanese

Congratulations To All the Members!