Spotify Launches Upgraded K-Hip-Hop Playlist (2022)

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Music streaming platform has been updating its K-Pop genre and sub-genre with a variety of new or updated playlists.

Yesterday, on the 31st of August, the company unveiled their all-new updated K-Hip-Hop playlist, formerly the Hip-Hop +82 list, now called the "KrOWN" list.

Other Korean Hip-hop playlists made by Spotify includes the "TrendChill K-Hip-Hop" and K'illin'" lists.

Spotify has also curated playlists for lovers of the K-Hip-Hop programs, "Show Me The Money," "High School Rapper," and "Drop The Bit."

Most recently, Spotify has also increased their scope of Korean Hip-hop playlists with the new lists, "Healing Hip-hop," "Jazz Flavor Hip-Hop," "Gold School K-Hip-Hop," and "From The Bottom To The Top."

The new Hip-hop playlists all add to Spotify's growing attempt to spread all of Korean music's many sub-genres including K-Dance, Rock, Indie, OST, and K-R&B, around the globe.

Fun fact: K-Hip-Hop has been streamed over 1 billion times on SPOTIFY.

Currently the Top 10 songs listed on the new "KrOWN" playlist includes Dynamicduo and DJ Premier's "AEAO," HOMIE's "K-LAND," K.vsh's "Hommage (Feat. Swings)," MINO's "CITY +++ (Feat. Gaeko), and SINCE's "High Risk High Return."

What other playlists would you love for Spotify to make? What Korean music genres would you like to see gain more recognition?