SM Entertainment Launches New Interactive Idol Platform (2022)

Images: @smtown (IG)

K-Pop powerhouse SM Entertainment has officially launched its international idol-to-fan platform named "KWANGYA CLUB."

On the new app, fans can sign up as members to a variety to idols' clubs where idols can write posts and fans can interact with stars and fans in a social media format.

Overall the app works very similarly to HYBE's WEVERSE app launched in 2019 and any fan familiar with WEVERSE will find KWANGYA CLUB very easy to navigate.

The clubs avaliable include for KANGTA, EXO, WayV, NCT 127, SHINee, GIRLS' GENERATION, BoA, NCT DREAM, TVXQ, Red Velvet, SUPER JUNIOR, and aespa.

The launch of "KWANGYA CLUB" closely follows SMTOWN's massive sold-out company concerts in Suwon and Tokyo, which were the biggest music events of August.

The name "KWANGYA CLUB," reflects the company's "Kwangya" futuristic concept. According to, "We know that two worlds exist in the SMCU. First, the real world, where regular humans like you and me live. (...) "KWANGYA" on the other hand, is an alternative dimension."

According to, "The SMCU aims to connect every SM artist under one coherent storyline, similarly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

The start of "KWANGYA CLUB" is the latest in SM's growing mission to connect all of their artists into one single moving unit that is able to effectively connect with every fan around the globe.

What do you think of KWANGYA CLUB? Do you like the SMCU and its concepts?