6 AI Virtual K-Pop Idols Leading the "Future of K-Pop" (2022)

While the world becomes more entranced with AI and the meta-verse, K-Pop companies have started debuting all-AI idols who sing and dance just like their real-life colleagues.

Here are some of the most popular Virtual musicians:

1. Saejin of SUPERKIND

Although he looks very realistic, Saejin, the fifth member of the new rookie group SUPERKIND is actually a fully AI-powered dancer/musician

2. K/DA

Created from League of Legends characters, the members represent real-life pop-stars (G)IDLE's Miyeon and Soyeon, Madison Beer, and Jaira Burns.

3. Eternity

Eternity is one of the only 100% Virtual groups in the world. Composed of 11 members this girl group debuted in 2021 under Pulse9.

The members were created by combining computer images and deep fakes of real people to form their AI members and performances.

4. Aespa

Probably the most famous and mainstream example of Virtual members is in SM Entertainment chart-topping girl group, aespa.

Within the aespa cinematic universe, each real-life member has a virtual-avatar that lives in the metaverse-like space called, "Kwangya."

Although aespa's avatars do not perform with them on stage, the members are always present in their music videos and some SM-produced performances.

5. Apoki

Another popular example of an AI K-Pop idol is with the virtual rabbit dancer/musician Apoki. Signed to VV Entertainment, Apoki is a hyper-realistic performer.

6. Rozy

Starting as an AI Instagram influencer, who currently has over 140k followers, Rozy debuted as an artist with the release of her first track, "Who Am I," earlier this year.

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Images: @rozy.gram (IG), @imapoki (IG), @aespa_official (IG), @kda_music (IG), @eternity_aiia (IG), @playsuperkind.official (IG)