TWICE New Record Sells over 1M in Pre-orders (2022)


Musical Note

Reportedly TWICE, the internationally recognized and successful K-Pop girl group, have sold over 1 Million pre-order copies of their 11th EP.

The group's newest album, titled "Between 1&2," is their first Korean record of 2022 and follows their successful roll-out of the group's most recent Japanese full-length record.

On Thursday JYP Entertainment announced to fans that pre-oder sales for TWICE's new record has officially surpassed their last Korean album, "Formula of Love: T+O=<3," which sold over 700k pre-order copies.

According to The Korea Herald, "According to 10 years of data released in January, Twice sold the most albums among K-pop female musicians. (...)"

" (...) Since its debut in October 2015, it has sold approximately 10 million units in Korea and Japan."

(Quote Sourced from The Korea Herald)

The members of TWICE will promote the new album across platforms through an official comeback livestream, music show performances, and global stages like MTV's "Fresh Out Live."

"Between 1&2" is a seven-song mini-album that includes the group's new title track "Talk that Talk" as well as six B-Side tracks such as "Queen of Hearts," "Basics," and "Trouble."

Have you heard TWICE's new album yet? What is your favorite song from the record?