TRI.BE To Release 3rd Single Next Week! (2022)

Rookie girl group TRI.BE have announced the release of their third single album coming next Tuesday.

The track titled, "LEVIOSA," is named after the Harry Potter spell for making objects move and fly.

The fun name reflects the mystical, magical, and playful concept of TRI.BE's next comeback.

The release of "LEVIOSA" and the new single album was first announced by TR Entertainment on the 21st of July.

In the last two weeks, the group have been releasing their promotional posters and photos across their SNS, promoting the new track.

According to the TRI.BE's comeback, "LEVIOSA" as well as its music video will be released on the 9th of August at 6 PM KST.

The six members of TRI.BE debuted last year February with their first track, "Loco." The members are currently signed to TR Entertainment.

Since their debut, the girl group have also put out their first full-length record, titled "VENI VIDI VICI," which TRI.BE released I October of 2021.

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Images: @tribedaloco (IG)