THEBOYZ Dedicate New Album 'BE AWARE' To Fans Around The Globe (2022)

Images: @IST_THEBOYZ (TWT), @ist_ent (TWT)

Created for their countless fans around the globe, K-Pop group THE BOYZ have returned from their massive global tour with a brand new record, titled "BE AWARE."

"We're sincerely grateful for everyone supporting us. The album is like a gift for those people who support and love us, and we hope many will like and cheer for our new songs in '˜Be Aware.'" - Juhaknyeon in the press statement for the record. 

(Quotes sourced from The Korea Herald)

According to reports, the new record has already topped iTunes Top Albums chart in 7 countries around the globe, proving both the power of THEB's love and THE BOYZ's popularity.

In addition to the album, the members of THE BOYZ released the music videos for their double-singles, "Timeless" and "Whisper."

The album consists of a melody of fan-songs and fun pop songs perfect for summer. The album also includes a lot of participation by the members.

In particular, member Sunwoo participated in writing every song, including B-Side fan-song "Survive The Night." Meanwhile "Timeless" was in-part written by Sunwoo, Sangyeon, New, Q and Hyunjae.

About the album's fan-song, "Survive The Night," New said, "The song turned out great as we made the song thinking only about our fans, and we're very satisfied with it. (...)"

"(...) It's filled with the words that we've wanted to say to the Bs, so we hope that many listen to the song and feel our words through it."

(Quote Sourced from The Korea Herald)

Coming right off their biggest tour, Sangyeon, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Jacob, Juyeon, New, Q, Kevin, Juhaknyeon, and Sunwoo (Eric is currently on hiatus) have once again displayed their brilliant talent as musicians.