Key of SHINee Announces New Full-Length Album (2022)

Images: @bumkeyk (IG), @shinee (IG)

On the 9th of August, Key, talented solo Vocalist and member of iconic K-Pop group SHINee, announced the upcoming release of his 2nd LP.

Titled "Gasoline," the new record will be released on the 30th of August, as per the promotional poster released by SM Entertainment.

The promotional poster featured a silhouette of KEY in front of a spooky background that highlights the retro-Halloween style lettering that spell out the comeback name, "Gasoline."

"Gasoline" will be the second full-length record released by KEY after his debut album, "FACE" released in 2018.

A few months later KEY released the repackaged version of FACE, "I Wanna Be," before enlisting in the military in March of 2019.

Last year September, Key returned to the solo stage with the release of his first EP, "BAD LOVE," with the double singles, "Hate That... (Feat. TAEYEON)," and "BAD LOVE."

Key is known by fans across the globe as a brilliant rapper, singer, dancer, songwriter, actor, fashion designer and television presenter.

Key debuted in the K-Pop industry in May of 2008 with the debut of SM Entertainment's legendary group, "SHINee," since then Key has become a beloved celebrity and star of the Korean entertainment business.