HYBE to debut 6 MORE groups by 2024? Learn all the facts here! (2022)

Images: @hybe.lables.audition (IG), @mnetisland (IG), @and_audition (IG), New Jeans (Ador Entertainment; HYBE Corp.)

After the recent successful debut of HYBE's two newest girl groups, LE SSERAFIM and New Jeans, many are looking at HYBE Corp and their further plans for the next year.

One of the things that make HYBE Corp different from a traditional K-Pop company is the corporation includes several independent labels and companies.

As a result, HYBE will be able to debut more groups than a traditional company since HYBE does not train the trainees or form the groups, with the labels doing it independently.

So who are some of the groups HYBE is planning on debuting in the next year? Here is a breakdown:

1. Trainee A  (Big Hit Music)

Expected to debut by the end of 2022, the members of Trainee A have already made names for themselves with their extensive presence on YouTube and TikTok.


Some order of the trainees currently competing in HYBE's competition program "&AUDITION - The Howling" will debut in the final Japanese group before 2023.

3. Pledis New Groups  (Pledis Entertainment)

In March of this year, Pledis Entertainment announced their Wonder Teens Audition that would reportedly be held to find the members of a 2023-debut group.

4. I-LAND 2 (HYBE (Belift Labs) X MNET)

While the starting date of the second season of popular HYBE competition "I-LAND" is currently unknown, the new season will form a girl group that will debut next year.

5. KOZ Boy Group (KOZ Entertainment)

Popular Korean rapper and CEO of KOZ Entertainment, ZICO is currently preparing the debut of his first boy group. Most recently, KOZ held an audition for the group's  rappers.

6. American Girl Group (HYBE X Universal Music)

In 2021, HYBE announced their plans to debut a group with the American Music company Universal Music, the girl group will be HYBE's first foray into the western music industry.

With so many groups scheduled to debut, fans have a lot to look forward to in the next year! Which group are you most excited for?