ENHYPEN Throw First Pitch for LA Dodgers (2022)

Images: @enhypen (IG), @Dodgers (TWT)

K-Pop Idol Group ENHYPEN threw the first Pitch for the LA Dodgers' game against the Maimi Marlins last Friday. The group were invited in celebration of the Dodgers' Korean Heritage Night.

ENHYPEN members, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Jungwon and Ni-ki are currently in LA (unfortunately Sunwoo stayed in Korea to recover his health) to perform at KCON LA.

Their anticipated performances at KCON LA will be the popular group's debut on the US stage and will serve as a taste of the group's upcoming US Tour to be held later this year.

ENHYPEN's "MANIFESTO World Tour" will take the members across the globe, which includes six stops in the continental US.

The group has shows scheduled in Anaheim's Honda Center, Chicago's Wintrust Arena, Atlanta's Gas South Arena, Smart Financial Centre in Houston, and Radio City Music Hall in New York City this October.

ENHYPEN is a seven-member K-Pop group formed by BELIFT Lab (HYBE Corp)'s survival program "I-LAND." The group debuted in 2020 and have since found immense success with audiences around the globe.

Some of ENHYPEN'S biggest hits include "Future Perfect," "ParadoXX Invasion," "FEVER," "Drunk-Dazed," "Polaroid Love," "Blessed-Cursed," and "Tamed-Dashed," among others.

What is your favorite ENHYPEN song?