BTS' RM To Feature On New Balming Tiger Track (2022)

Images: @balmingtiger (IG), @rkive (IG)

Balming Tiger, a borderless musical collective consisting of a variety of members, has recently announced their upcoming single "SEXY NUKIM."

The new track is, notably, set to feature BTS Leader, Rapper, Songwriter, and producer RM (Kim Nam-joon), marking RM's first collaboration of 2022.

"SEXY NUKIM" will be released across music platform at 6 PM KST on the 1st of September.

RM has previously showed his love for the collective and their music on a variety of posts on Instagram, however, the new song will be the first collaboration between the two popular artists.

Previously RM has collaborated with artists like HONNE, Korean rock-indie artist eAeon, Younha, Fall Out Boy, K-hip-hop artists Primary, Drunken Tiger, Gaeko, and yankie.

As noted before, Balming Tiger is a music collective that houses a variety of artists including popular rappers Mudd the Student  and Omega Sapien, as well as bestselling artist Sogumm.

Other members include, director San Yawn, DJ Abyss, music video directors Jan'Qui and Leesuho, Wnjn, and editor Henson.

Some of Balming Tiger's biggest hits include, "Armadillo," "JUST FUN!," "I'm Sick," "Kolo Kolo," and "LOOP?", among others.