BTS, ATEEZ, LISA and ENHYPEN top Billboard Hot Trending Charts (2022)

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As of 13th of August, BTS Jimin and Ha Sungwoon's OST track "With You," continues its seven-week streak atop Billboard's Hot Trending Chart.

Other BTS tracks charting include, Jin's "Yours and "Super Tuna."

Furthermore, BTS' recent August collaboration with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dog, titled "Bad Decisions," took the sixth rank on the Billboard Hot Trending Chart.

Other K-Pop collaborations charting include MEW SUPPASIT and BUMKEY's "Forever Love" (at Number 9) and BAMBAM Ft. MAYZIN's "Wheels Up" (at Number 10).

Finally, K-Pop artist ATEEZ, ENHYPEN and BLACKPINK'S Lisa make up the last three artists on the Top-10 chart

ATEEZ's "Guerilla" is charting at No.2, LISA's "LALISA" and "MONEY" is charting at No.3 and No.5, and ENHYPEN's "ParadoXX Invasion" is at No.4.

What do you think of the chart? What other songs would you like to see fans talk more about?