BTS and TXT Make Star Appearances on HYBE Survival Program &AUDITION (2022)

Images: @and_audition (IG)

Top K-Pop groups BTS and TXT gave the ambitious trainees of Japanese competition program "&AUDITION" some advice about being aspiring artists.

On last week's episode, the competitors tackled the "BTS Mission," in which they have to perform a BTS song on stage.

Their BTS performances determined which groups made it to the finale round of the show and who will debut in the final Japanese group.

During the episode, the HYBE staff played a personalized video message that was left for the competitors by global super-group BTS.

Touched by the supportive words of their seniors, the 15 trainees were filled with emotion and motivation. Overwhelmed, some were even brought to tears.

Furthermore, the competitors also got the chance to have a meal and talk to top K-Pop group TXT. The five members of TXT gave the trainees first-hand advice from their time as trainees and rookie K-Pop stars.

The episode can be watched, along with all of the other episodes on HYBE Lable's YouTube channel.