NCT Jeno Opens For Peter Do at New York Fashion Week (2022)

Image: @leejen_o_423 (IG), @smtown (IG)

NCT DREAM’s Jeno has made history as the first K-Pop idol to open a New York Fashion Week Show walking for Peter Do.

The partnership between SM Entertainment and Peter Do was announced a week before the NYFW show.

On the topic of Jeno opening the show, Peter Do said, ““It was a natural choice to have Jeno open the show. Jeno embodies the Peter Do man – multifaceted, confident, and a trailblazer.”

According to NME, “Do’s new collection revolves around the theme of time, teased with personalised invitations that take the form of a memory box developed by the designer in collaboration with SM Entertainment.”

“This memory box, filled with all these objects that are of a personal emotional significance to me, is a nod to SM’s presence in different stages of my life.” Peter Do


“There’s the nostalgia of listening to Girls’ Generation songs on the bus on my way to school. When we started the brand, we were listening to Red Velvet on repeat while building studio furniture.” Peter Do


After the Peter Do show, Jeno made further headlines as one of the stars at Vogue’s “Vogue World” show.

What do you think of Jeno’s many viral fashion moments at this year’s NYFW? Which other K-Pop star do you think would make an excellent model?