KCON JAPAN: Lineup and Event Details (2022)

Images: New Jeans (ADOR Entertainment; HYBE Corp.), @ivestarship (IG), @official_jo1 (TWT), @joyuri_offcl (IG), @official.kep1er (IG), @yookihhh (IG), @le_sserafim (IG), @niziu_info_official (IG), @TEMPEST__official (TWT), @official.tnx (IG), @kconjapan (IG), @nmixx_official (IG)

After the massive success of KCON LA this August, which saw around 90k fans attend, KCON is heading to Japan with a brand new lineup!

The new show, product and hosted by Korean entertainment corporation CJ ENM, will be held at Tokyo's 'Ariake Arena' from October 14th to 16th.

In anticipation of KCON JAPAN, CJENM has announced the first Lineup for the upcoming event. With a mix of Pop groups and a variety of acclaimed K-Pop artists, the lineup has something for every fan.

Here is the first Lineup for KCON JAPAN 2022:

1. IVE

IVE is one of the most listened-to and talked-about artists of this year. With hits like "ELEVEN," "LOVE DIVE," and "AFTER LIKE," this rookie girl group have proved their power as monster-rookies.

2. JO1

Produced by "Produce 101 Japan" in 2019, JO1 is a top-selling Japanese boy group who have drawn fans from around the globe. Most recently the popular group released their hour-long LP "KIZUNA (Special Edition)."


Formerly a member of the top girl group, IZ*ONE, since their disbandment, Jo Yuri has demonstrated her strength as an artist and performer by creating stunning stages and albums as a solo artist.


Created through the globally popular survival program "Girls Planet 999," Kep1er is a nine-member girl group who have captured the attention of K-Pop fans in their millions. Most recently, Kep1er competed in "Queendom 2".


A member for the Starship super-group MONSTAX, KIHYUN debuted as a soloist this March and since then the artist has become a top soloist, currently boasting over 200k monthly Spotify listeners on his solo profile.


One of the top rookie girl groups, LE SSERAFIM, with their first album "FEARLESS," have reached heights formerly kept exclusively for established artists with extensive discographies.


THE most talked-about artist of the last month, debut group NEW JEANS have rocked the globe with their catchy music and unique 2000s-core aesthetic. KCON JAPAN will be NEW JEANS' first global performance.


JYPE's J-Pop top girl group, NIZIU was formed by the company through their 2020 competition program, "Nizi Project." The group currently has over 1 million monthly Spotify listeners and countless mega-hits, making them one of the top J-Pop artists performing at the moment.


The brand-new boy group under Yuehua Entertainment. TEMPEST debuted this March with the support of countless fans from around the world. The members of TEMPEST are currently in the process of preparing for their second comeback to be released next week.

10. TNX

Created through the widely-watched competition show "LOUD," the members of P-NATION's debut group TNX make up one of the top 4th generation groups of the year. KCON JAPAN will be one of the group's first international performances for their global fans.


Known for their incredible performances and dazzling stage presence, the members of NMIXX have dominated the K-Pop scene with their impressive debut. NMIXX is the final group announced in the first Lineup for KCON JAPAN 2022.

Which artists are you most excited for? Who else would you love to see perform live?