(QUIZ) How Well Do YOU Know NCT's Taeil?

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Here are some rare and unusual facts about NCT's Taeil - test how many you know!

1. Taeil's nickname is Dal-Taeil (Dal means "moon" in Korean)

(all fun facts were found and sourced from kprofiles)

2. Taeil's favourite foods include Pork Belly, Ice Cream, Pizza, Chicken, Meat. In contrast, Taeil doesn't really like Carrots and Sushi

3. Taeil's shoe size is 250mm and he habitually carries a four-leaf clover in his wallet

4. Taeil loves SHINee and has often expressed his respect for them as artists and seniors

5. Currently, Taeil and Yuta share a room in NCT 127's new dorm

6. Taeil enjoys watching football- his favorite player is Messi and his favorite club is Chelsea F.C

How many of these Taeil fun facts did you know?