Think You're a True MOA? Take This Quiz to Prove How Well You Know TXT's Soobin

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What is Soobin's stage name?  a) Choi Soo Bin b) Soobin Choi  c) Soobin 

When is Soobin's birthday?  a) November 5th, 2000  b) December 5th, 2000  c) January 5th, 2000  d) February 5th, 2000

Which zodiac sign does Soobin belong to?  a) Sagittarius  b) Capricorn  c) Libra  d) Scorpio

What is Soobin's representative emoticon?  a) 🐰 b) 🐶 c) 🐱 d) 🐼

True or False: Soobin is the leader of TXT.  a) True b) False

Where is Soobin from?  a) Busan, South Korea  b) Seoul, South Korea  c) Incheon, South Korea  d) Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

What is Soobin's favorite food? a) Avocado b) Fish cakes  c) Tteokbokki (rice cakes) d) Mint chocolate

True or False: Soobin has a dog named Sean.  a) True b) False

What is Soobin's favorite color? a) Pink  b) Sky blue  c) Purple  d) Yellow

Who is Soobin's favorite BTS member?  a) Jin  b) RM  c) Suga  d) Jimin

Which member does Soobin share a room with in the new dorm?  a) Yeonjun  b) Beomgyu  c) Hueningkai d) Taehyun

What is Soobin's Spotify playlist called?  a) TXT: SOOBIN  b) Soobin's Favorite Hits  c) The Best of Soobin  d) TXT's Greatest Hits

What is Soobin's position in TXT?  a) Leader, Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer  b) Main Vocalist, Visual  c) Lead Rapper, Maknae  d) Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

How tall is Soobin?  a) 175 cm (5'9") b) 180 cm (5'11") c) 187 cm (6'1") d) 195 cm (6'5")

Answers: 1. c) Soobin (수빈) 2. b) December 5th, 2000 3. a) Sagittarius 4. a) 🐰 5. a) True

6. d) Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 7. c) Tteokbokki (rice cakes) 8. a) True 9. d) Yellow 10. a) Jin 11. b) Beomgyu 12. a) TXT: SOOBIN

13. a) Leader, Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer 14. c) 187 cm (6'1")