Incheon Airport invites YOU to their K-Pop Festival (2022)

Images: @incheon_airport (IG), @auxi_beo (IG), @ist_ent (TWT), @clongnnin (IG)

Incheon Airport has announced the return of their music festival for this September! The three-day event will be held on the 22rd, 24th, and 25th of this month.

The three concerts will performed at the Incheon Airport Lawn Plaza and Haneul Park to promote the airport and tourism within Korea.

According to the initial announcement/lineup poster, the upcoming event will include three separate concerts, a Hip-hop contest, a K-Pop concert, and a Crossover concert.

According to Kyunghyang Newspaper, "On the 23rd, the first day, a hip-hop contest 'Let's Beat in the Sky' between domestic and foreign breaking dancers will be held." (Translated by Google)

"The final stage of the hip-hop contest will be decided by 16 domestic teams and 3 overseas teams that have passed the online preliminaries and advanced to the finals." (Translated by Google)

The contest will also include performances from Show Me The Money 10 finalist and popular Rapper, BE'O and chart-topping Vocalist Lee Mujin.

The next day will include a huge K-Pop concert that will include stages by The Boyz, Mamamoo, Kepler, BVG, Urban Zakapa, Lee Seok-hoon, and Gaho. This concert will also be live-streamed on YouTube for international fans.

The final concert will include a variety of classical music performances featuring the Borodin Symphony Orchestra, pianist Dongmin Lim, and violinist Danny Goo, among others.

"I am delighted to be able to reopen the Sky Festival where airport families, local residents, and people from all over the world can enjoy together at Incheon Airport, which is taking off as a global cultural and artistic airport."Kyung-wook Kim, President of Incheon International Airport Corporation

(Quote Sourced from Kyunghyang Newspaper Translated by Google)