HyunA and Dawn Leave P NATION (2022)

Images: @pnation.official (IG)

Celebrity couple and solo artists HyunA and Dawn have officially decided not to renew their exclusive contracts with PSY's P NATION.

HyunA and Dawn joined the company in 2018 and debuted as individual solo artists with P NATION the next year, in 2019.

The news that HyunA and DAWN have decided to leave P NATION comes shortly after it was announced that former-P NATION rapper Jessi would also be leaving the company.

"All the members of P Nation will treasure the enjoyable memories with HyunA and DAWN for a long time, and we will continuously support their future activities going forward." P NATION

P NATION (Quote Sourced from NME)

"With their bold music and unrivaled visuals and performances that only they could take on, HyunA and DAWN as well as HyunaA & DAWN splendidly illustrated P NATION's colors." P NATION

P NATION (Quote Sourced from ZOOM Korea)

"Their passion as artists and their consideration and care for the staff became examples for everyone" P NATION

P NATION (Quote Sourced from ZOOM Korea)

"We express our gratitude to the many fans who cherished HyunA and DAWN, and we ask that you continue to send warm encouragement and support" P NATION

P NATION (Quote Sourced from NME)

Most recently, P NATION debuted their newest artist, the rookie K-Pop group, TNX. Meanwhile, HyunA and Dawn announced their engagement.