(G)I-DLE Fun Facts You Haven't Heard! (2022)

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1. Soyeon is a fan of Japanese Animes, especially "One Piece"

2. Miyeon is a talented violinist in addition to being able to play the piano

3. Minnie and CLC's Sorn attended the same singing school, named "G-Vocal," in Bangkok, Thailand

4. Yuqi is a big LeBron James fan (NBA Basketball Player)

5. Shuhua acted in 10cm's "PET" music video with former-Produce 101 singer/actor Yoo Seonho

6. Soyeon used to dance ballet and was honeschooled as a child

7. Miyeon is close with Fromis_9 members, Jiwon and Seoyeon

8. Minnie auditioned singing the classic track, "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood

9. Yuqi is a fan of K-Pop group "Super Junior," her bias is Ryeowook

10. In middle school Shuha dreamed of becoming an actress

How many did you know?