Do YOU know this K-Pop Slang Word? K-Pop Slang and Vocabulary (#9)

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Do you know what the K-Pop Slang, “Banchan” means? Stay up to date with all the new words and phrases here…

According to hellotohallyu, Banchan refers to “A collection of small, traditional side dishes that complete any meal in Korea.”

“These dishes include kimchi, kkakdugi (white radishes), oi sobagi (stuffed cucumbers), gat kimchi (mustard leaf), and dogchimi (various vegetables in brine)”

“which are usually laid out before the meal, but are intended to be eaten with the main dish.”

There are countless Banchan dishes in Korean culture. Recipes can be found online.

In addition to the three side dishes listed above other popular banchans include bean sprouts, Korean pancake or jeon, and rice cakes, amount countless others.

Which Korean banchan would you most like to try? What are some other Korean words and K-Pop slang would you like to learn?