Do YOU know this K-Pop Slang Word? K-Pop Slang and Vocabulary (#7)

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Do you know what the K-Pop Slang, “Andwae” means? Stay up to date with all the new words and phrases here…

According to hellotohallyu, Andwae is a “Korean word meaning “no way,” is used in moments of disbelief, shock, fear, or defiance (…)”

This word is often used in K-Drama when the character has discovered unbelievable news or heard shocking gossip.

Andwae can be translated to me “No!” Or “That can't be!”

As a very common Korean word, Andwae is a staple in funny moments in K-Dramas, variety shows, and memes.

What is some other slang words you would like to learn? Did you know what “Andwae” meant?