Do YOU know this K-Pop Slang Word? K-Pop Slang and Vocabulary (#6)

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Do you know what the K-Pop Slang, “All-Kill” means? Stay up to date with all the new words and phrases here…

According to hellotohallyu, an All-Kill refers to “What K-pop fans call songs that top all major charts, killing all other competition.”

An All-Kill is one of the highest achievements artists can achieve within K-Pop.

The K-Pop charts include the MelOn chart and Circle (Gaon) Chart.

According to Wikipedia, a “Perfect All-Kill or PAK is a music chart achievement in South Korea…”

“…where a song simultaneously reaches number one on the real-time, daily, and weekly components of iChart”

BTS' “Dynamite” has the record to most hourly PAKs - IU's “Celebrity” holds the most PAKs for a solo artist. (Wikipedia)

Most recently NewJeans’ “Ditto” broke the record for most PAKs for a girl group artist with 432 PAKs. (Wikipedia)

What other slang do you want to learn? Did you know what an “All-Kill” meant?