Do YOU know this K-Pop Slang Word? K-Pop Slang and Vocabulary (#4)

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Do you know what the K-Pop Slang, “Ajumma” means? Stay up to date with all the new words and phrases here…

According to hellotohallyu, Ajumma “A Korean term for older, married women or grandmothers.”

“Stereotypically, these women sport short permed hair, moo-moos, or slacks like a uniform.”

“This term is offensive to middle-aged women, like calling a middle-aged woman “grandma.”

A more respectful version of “Ajumma” is “Ajumeoni.”

The Ajumma character is a very common and beloved character in K-Dramas,

as they often play the comic relief and reliable character in the story.

Some dramas with great Ajumma characters include rom-com dramas like “Crash Landing on You,” “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” and “When The Camelia Blooms.”

What other slang word would you like to learn? Did you know what Ajumma meant?