Do YOU know this K-Pop Slang Word? K-Pop Slang and Vocabulary (#3)

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Do you know what the K-Pop Slang, “Aigoo” means? Stay up to date with all the new words and phrases here…

According to hellotohallyu, aigoo refers to, “A phrase showing frustration. The Korean equivalent of “aw man!” or “geez.””

Aigoo is a common phrase used by idols in variety shows and by fans in memes online.

According to LearnKorean24, “Aigo (아이고) is a Korean exclamation expression…”

“…which is similar to the English expressions ‘Oh!’ ‘Oh Dear!’ , ‘Oh My!’, ‘Oh My God!’ ‘Geez!’, and so on."

“Aigo can be used to express shock or surprise in many different situations.”

What are some other slang phrases that you would like to learn? Did you know what Aigo means?