(VOTE) Show Champion 2023: VOTE HERE K-Pop Show Champion Voting (2023)

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Welcome to the epicenter of K-pop excitement, where fans like you have the power to make a difference! Get ready to unleash your passion and participate in the electrifying “Vote For Show Champion 2023” page. This is the ultimate destination for all K-pop enthusiasts who want to actively engage with their favorite artists, rally behind breathtaking performances, and play a pivotal role in shaping the winners of Show Champion.

We invite you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled voting experience, where the global K-pop community unites to celebrate and support their beloved artists. Whether you’re an ardent stan, a devoted follower of the genre, or simply a lover of great music, this platform provides you with the opportunity to cast your votes for the most deserving artists and be a part of the ever-evolving K-pop landscape.

Support your Favorite K-Pop Artists and Korean musicians by voting for your top Show Champion Contestant right here on ME Asia. Vote For Show Champion 2023 below:


Poll Rules: You can cast your vote up to five times per voting session. Once you have placed your initial vote, you can refresh the page and continue voting repeatedly until the voting period concludes.

Note: ME Asia does not own any of the images below; all images below to their rightful owner

Min votes count should be 1

You will be redirected after 5 seconds

Note: The above vote is unassociated with ShowChampion. This vote includes the artists who have released music in the last 14 days and does not represent all relevant or qualifying artists.

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How to Vote for ShowChampion (a Step-By-Step Guide)

Below we have broken down how to officially vote for Show Champion 2022 🔽

Step 1: Download the IDOL CHAMP app

Step 2: Sign in and create an account using Google, Facebook or Kakaotalk

Step 3: Start collecting hearts and stars which are used for voting

  1. New Users must participate in the daily chart for 5 days before being able to vote on Show Champion
  2. Blue Hearts can be used for voting, quizzes, fandom ads, and charts. These expire after 30 days
  3. Red Hearts can be used for voting, fandom ads and charts. Red Hearts never expire.
    1. For more on how to collect Hearts and stars, read more here

Step 4: Click on the “vote” button / scroll down to the Show Champion logo.

Step 5: Click on the heart next to your favorite title track

  • One account can vote a maximum of 100 times per day (1 vote = 3 hearts)

Step 6: Congratulations you have voted for Show Champion! You should receive a congratulations message signaling that your vote has been counted.