KWANGYA New Solo Releases: Suho, Onew, Taeyong

KWANGYA New Solo Releases: Suho, Onew, Taeyong

Suho, Onew, Taeyong Featured Image: @weareone.exo (IG), @shinee (IG), @nct (IG)

SM fans have been overwhelmed with the wave of new music coming out of KWANGYA. From the solo releases of EXO’s Suho and SHINee’s Onew to the anticipated new SM STATION collaboration between NCT’s Taeyeon and popular Korean rapper Wonstein.

Grey Suit MV
Suho Onew Taeyong New Music
Hurdle MV
Suho Onew Taeyong New Music
Suho Onew Taeyong New Music

EXO’s Suho “Grey Suit” and SHINee’s ONEW “DICE.”

Both recently discharged from their mandatory military service, EXO’s Suho and SHINee’s ONEW have both released their second solo mini albums.

Grey Suit

Suho released his brand new record, “Grey Suit” alongside the new title tracks “Grey Suit,” and “Hurdle” in the first week of April to the excitement of EXO fans around the globe. The six-track album combines a fun pop sound with Suho’s iconically soulful vocals that transport fans into the beautiful tracks of the albums

Image: @weareone.exo (IG)

Rolling Stone India said about the title track, “Co-written by SUHO alongside Cho Yun Kyoung, Oi and Park Seul Gi, “Grey Suit” is a progressive rock track (reminiscing British rock) with an emotive string arrangement. Constructing a simple yet crispy blend of percussion and guitar sounds, the singer rustles up a sentimental space, allowing the pensive lyricism to flourish and bloom. In particular, the contrast between the track’s dynamic rock arrangement and SUHO’s melodious vocal performance weaves a delightful listening experience without overpowering one another.”


A week later, SMTOWN legendary vocalist SHINee’s ONEW returned with his playful new title track “DICE.” In contrast to his stunning orchestral ballad solo debut “BLUE,” this new track suits the trendy retro, city-pop sound beloved by K-Pop fans and listeners.

The new fresh sound is reflected throughout the rest of the album collaborating with some of the top Korean songwriters and producers including Cha Cha Malone and Sam Kim. Onew also surprised fans with the track’s choreography, marking the artist’s first time filling a stage alone.

Image: @shinee (IG)
Suho Onew Taeyong
Image: @shinee (IG)

“It’s my first solo album in three years and four months, and I’ve put much more thought into making the album. I hope the music I show this time is a step more mature than before.

(about performing alone) When I was a part of a group, I could rely on the other members and take a short break in between. As I had to do everything alone this time, I really missed those moments when I could connect with the bandmates on the stage and make synergy with them.

Although it’s my second album as a soloist, it feels different. I think I’ve matured in the aspect that I had to take responsibility in most of the process of the production, from what to wear, how to take the concept, where to shoot the music video and so on. Although that also increased the pressure weighing on me, it was the members who helped me endure the time.

I hope this album sets that diversity of my career as that I write from now on.

As the solo musician Onew, I want to share a hopeful energy with people. We often forget the small parts of our daily lives like hope and happiness. I also did, and I want to keep on sending the message that happiness can be found in little things, and that we are surrounded by many good and beautiful elements in this society that we live in.”

ONEW on his new solo album (Translation/Quoted by The Korea Herald)

TAEYEON X Wonstein

Finally, NCT Leader Taeyong announced his upcoming collaboration with top Korean rapper Wonstein. The new track, titled “Love Theory” will be the most recent SM STATION track and marks the first collaboration between these two talented artists.

Suho Onew Taeyong
Image: @nct (IG)

Most recently TAEYEON also featured on Korean R&B singer SURAN’s newest title track “Diamonds.” The song is the title track of the talented vocalist’s most recent EP, “FLYIN’ PART1” which includes tracks like “Devils in the city (feat. Dok2)” and “LUCKY STAR” among others.

“Love Theory” is scheduled to get released on the 14th of April at 6 PM KST on NCT’s YouTube Channel. Watch SURAN and TAEYEON’s “Diamonds” now:

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