BTS News: Las Vegas, New Album – Jimin and Ha Sungwoon Deut

BTS Las Vegas Featured Images: @bts_bighit (TWT)

While, back in Korea, citizens and lawmakers debate the seven talented artists’ soon-impending mandatory military service, BTS have been making headlines with their unbelievable success in the US and new music.

Image: @bts_bighit (TWT) BTS Performing in Las Vagas

BTS Las Vegas “The City”

After attending the Grammys earlier this month, the septet turned Las Vegas into a BTS-themed festival for their fans. The project, nicknamed “The City,” included the city flooding the streets with purple lights (the color of the group) and rewriting Las Vegas’ most iconic billboards to read “Borahaegas,” which combines “boraehae,” which BTS fans use to mean “I Love You,” and Las Vegas.

Image: @bts_bighit (TWT)
Image: @bts_bighit (TWT)

Las Vegas’ BTS Events

In addition to changing the city’s aesthetic to match the group, the BTS members held four sold-out live concerts in one of the city’s biggest stadiums. Furthermore, the city’s legendary Bellagio water shows themed their shows around the group’s popular English tracks “Dynamite” and “Butter,” which reportedly brought in about 200,000 spectators.

Image: @bts_bighit (TWT)

Finally, Las Vegas set up a BTS-themed pop-up store where fans could purchase merch and participate in events, in addition to a special BTS photo exhibition attended by about 44,000 fans.

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BTS Military Service: An Active and Ongoing Debate

However, in Korea, thanks partly to the group’s American success, 6 out of 10 citizens back alternative military service for the group. Those in favor cite their belief that the group can contribute more to the country without serving active military duty.

Image: @bts_bighit (TWT)
BTS members backstage at the Grammy Awards

A recent poll showed that support for the BTS members’ alternative military service was nearly 70% among participants in their 20s and 50s.

According to the law revision made in December 2020, leading pop culture artists can wait until they turn 30 before enlisting. Under this law, BTS’s eldest member Jin (born 1992) can perform with the group until December 2022.

Image: @bts_bighit (TWT) BTS members at the Grammy Awards

HYBE and BTS’ Military Service

The issue of whether or not the members of BTS each have to take 18 months away from the public is not just one that concerns music lovers, it is also a matter of money. The members of BTS have taken their agency and company HYBE Corp. with them to the top of the music industry.

  • Now, HYBE Corp. which also houses top K-Pop groups including Seventeen and TXT is one of the biggest music institutions in the industry.

Pop artists like BTS bring in millions of tourists and countless dollars in merch sales, ticket sales, and more helping boost South Korea’s entertainment sector and economy.

Image: @TIME (TWT)
BTS with HYBE founder Bang Si-hyuk on the cover of TIME Magazines as HYBE Corp. was named one of the world’s 100 Most Influential Companies

As a result, both fans and BTS’ agency HYBE have been pressuring lawmakers to make their final decision on the pending bill introduced in the last two years. If passed, BTS will be able to serve their country through alternative military service, similar to that of classical musicians and awarded athletes.

The BTS members have not spoken personally on the issue.

Image: @bts_bighit (TWT)
BTS members backstage at their Las Vegas Concerts

Jimin to Collaborate with Close Friend Soloist Ha Sungwoon

Yesterday, on April 25th, BTS Vocalist/Dancer Jimin released his OST duet with former Wanna One member and brilliant pop solo artist Ha Sunwoon for the anticipated drama “Our Blues.”

Image: @netflixkr (IG)

The two pop singers, known as long-time friends, collaborated for the first time for OST of the upcoming star-studded K-Drama “Our Blues.” The show, which follows a group of Jeju Island locals, will premier on NETFLIX and stars top actors including Lee Byung-Heon, Cha Seung-won, Shin Min-a, and Kim Woo-bin.

Image: @umaizing (IG)

Not the first BTS member to release an OST track, last December, V sang for the popular K-Drama “Our Beloved Summer.” Based on a popular webtoon, the drama starred the vocalist’s close friend, talented actor Choi Woo-Shik and Itaewon Class-star Kim Dami.

The track, titled “With You,” is the Ha Sungwoon and Jimin’s first collaboration and was met with instant love from fans and listeners around the globe.

BTS’s New Summer Album

Last week, the BTS members shook the world with their unexpected announcement. According to the group, fans can expect another summer release. The as-yet-unnamed record will get released on June 10th.

A year and a half since the septet’s last album release of “BE” in November of 2020, Social media has been overwhelmed with fans’ excitement for the new record.

Video: @bts_bighit (TWT)

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