New to K-Pop? 9 K-soloists to get you started

K-soloists are some of the most popular and beloved musicians in Korean music. This success is thanks to their brilliant music loved by millions of fans around the globe. From Sunmi to Kang Daniel, here are 9 K-soloists to get you started on solo Korean music:

Note: there are hundreds of K-soloists in the K-Pop genres. This list includes only some of the most widely known artists, but it is not a complete guide.


Former member of 15&, this show-stopping vocalist has one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard. After leaving JYP and joining Warner Music Korea, Jamie has debuted as an R&B/Hip Hop solo artist with numerous chart-topping hits. With collaborations including Cheetah, pH-1, and Jay Park (among many talented artists), Jamie is one of the most versatile and talented K-solo artists at the moment.

K-soloists jamie
Image: @jiminxjamie (IG)


After the split of the K-Pop supergroup “Wanna One,” Kang Daniel has become a beloved solo pop star and the CEO of his label (Konnect Entertainment). With catchy songs including “2U” and “PARANOIA,” among many others, Kang Daniel is one of the most popular K-Pop soloists. This artist is a talented dancer and outstanding vocalist who has drawn a loyal fanbase who support him as he climbs to the top of the world!

K-soloists kang daniel
Image: (IG)


The incredible vocalist of EXO, BAEKHYUN, has also shone as a solo K-R&B artist. As a solo artist, BAEKHYUN has released three R&B albums with hit title tracks “UN Villiage,” “Candy,” and “Bambi.” With his smooth and unique vocals that lend themselves to his R&B style, BAEKHYUN has built an impressive solo discography.

K-soloists baekhyun
Image: @weareone.exo (IG)

4. IU

A beloved shining singer, in her over-a-decade-long career, IU has become the queen of Korean vocals. Having released iconic hits including “Blueming,” “Love Song,” and “Celebrity,” IU is a chart-topping force. With fans from around the world, IU is undeniably one of the most successful soloists.

K-soloists iu
Image: @dlwlrma (IG)


A member of the former groups X1 and Uniq, this talented singer-songwriter debuted last year and has already released several successful solo albums. As a very versatile singer, WOODZ’s title tracks range from light pop songs like “Bump Bump” to edgier tracks like “FEEL LIKE” and his debut song “Love Me Harder.” With his songs charting on the K-Hip Hop, K-R&B, and K-Pop charts, WOODZ has defined himself as a powerful K-soloist with enchanting stage presence and songwriting talent!

Image: @woodz_dnwm (IG)


Debuting as one of the main vocalists for the iconic girl group “Girls Generation,” TAEYEON has also defined herself as a beloved K-soloist. With a unique and beautiful vocal style, TAEYEON enchants her audiences with her incredible voice. Some of TAEYEON’s most recognizable songs include “Spark,” “What do I call you?” and “Four Seasons.” With her songs adored by fans around the globe, Taeyeon is a sparkling vocalist who leaves her fans wonderstruck.

Image: @taeyeon_ss (IG)


In addition to being a member of the famous pop group “Shinee” and SM group “Super M,” TAEMIN is also a talented solo artist. With memorable songs like “MOVE” and genius albums like “Never Gonna Dance Again pt.1,” TAEMIN’s music is iconic. His show-stopping discography and equally impressive choreographies have enchanted audiences from around the globe and made him one of the most well-known K-soloists.

Image: @Im___Itm (IG)


A member of the classic former girl group “Wonder Girls,” SUNMI has defined herself as the queen of catchy pop tunes that take over the world! SUNMI’s voice, choreography, and passion for music have attracted millions of fans. Her music includes chart-topping songs like “LALALAY,” “Siren,” and “TAIL.” As a solo artist, SUNMI is never afraid to be creative with her music and performances and has become one of the most popular K-soloists.

Image: @miyayeah (IG)

9. Jessi

After a rollercoaster ride to success, Jessi has worked her way to becoming the viral pop sensation of 2020. With addictive songs like “NUNU NANA” and “What Type of X,” Jessi has formed a versatile discography of addictive tracks and memorable dances. With her solo 2020 album “NUNA, ” Jessi has made herself at home on both the K-Pop and K-Hip-Hop charts.

Image: @jessicah_o (IG)

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