MINO 미노: WINNER, SMTM, and Solo Stardom (Profile)

MINO 미노: WINNER, SMTM, and Solo Stardom (Profile)

MINO 미노 is a Korean rapper, producer, and songwriter under YG Entertainment. With incredible musical skill and hip-hop talent, Mino has become one of the biggest names in both K-Pop and K-Hip-Hop, with his music topping charts and reaching listeners around the globe.

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In 2014, MINO debuted in the four-membered K-Pop group WINNER. Since then, this rapper has been a part of several projects. The following table details MINO’s projects and their debut dates:

Debut Date
WINNER17 August 2014K-Pop Group
MOBB 8 September 2016K-Hip-Hop Duo
Solo26 November 2018

In 2015, MINO finished as the runner-up of the hugely successful TV hip-hop competition show, “Show Me The Money Season 4.” Throughout the program, MINO showcased his incredible talent for K-Hip-Hop and songwriting.

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Since this artist’s solo debut, MINO has produced quality music and records that have drawn in millions of listeners for their stunningly written lyrics and beautifully created beats.
Some of MINO’s most popular songs include “FIANCE,” “Run away,” and “TRIGGER,” among many other tracks.

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In addition to his solo work, MINO has collaborated with talented musicians like Zion.T, BOBBY, meenoi, DPR LIVE, BewhY, Yu Byeong Jae, BLUE.D, YDG, Epik High, CODE KUNST, EUN JIWON, and P.O, among others.

With stunning talent and a flawless style, MINO is an extraordinary rapper/performer who has worked on and released some of the most memorable tracks in K-Hip-Hop.

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Show me the money

MINO debuted as a contestant on Show Me The Money in Season 4. Won by veteran rapper Basick, MINO finished as the runner-up and gained immeasurable respect throughout the music industry. Throughout the program, MINO was a part of Team ZiPal (producers Zico and Paloalto).

Other notable contestants on Show Me The Money 4 include Jooheon of Monsta X, Vernon of Seventeen, Ravi of VIXX, SMTM 9 winner lIlBOI, and H1GHER Music rapper Sik-K, among others.

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Currently, MINO is a producer on Show Me The Money Season 10. Along with incredible producer and rapper GRAY, MINO makes up one of the four producer teams. The other teams include Yumdda &Toil, Gaeko & Code Kunst, and Zion.T & Slom.

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MOBB debuted in 2016 as a YG hip-hop duo combining the talents of talented rappers MINO and BOBBY (of YG K-Pop group iKON).

Since their debut, this duo has released hit tracks such as “Ok man,” “FULL HOUSE,” and “HIT ME.”


WINNER is a four-membered group that debuted in 204 following the 2013 Mnet survival program, “WIN: Who Is Next.” Nicknamed “Monster Rookies,” this group quickly gained a large fanbase with their brilliantly made and produced music and performances.

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With countless broken records, millions of albums sold worldwide, and hit tours around the globe, WINNER is one of the most successful pop phenomena in the history of Korean music.

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The multi-talented members of WINNER include Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Mino, and Seungyoon.

WINNER’s music combines elements of genres like K-Pop, alternative pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Some of their most successful tracks include “REALLY REALLY,” “EVERYDAY,” “Hold,” “AH YEAH,” and “FOOL.”

WINNER Music Quiz feature
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about MINO
  • Name: Song Minho 송민호
  • Korean Name: 송민호
  • Birthday: 30/3/93
  • Age:
    • 28 (International Age)
    • 29 (Korean Age)
  • Star sign: Aries
  • Chinese zodiac sign: Rooster
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Company: YG Entertainment
  • Number of Albums: 3
  • Debut Year: 2018
MINO music

Since this brilliant artist’s solo debut, he has released three albums:

  • XX (2018)
  • TAKE (2020)
  • TO INFINITY (2021)
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XX (2018)

  • HOPE (Ft. Yoo Byungjae)
  • o2
  • UM… (Ft. Blue.D)
  • her
  • BOW-WOW (Ft. YDG)

TAKE (2020)

  • Love and a boy
  • Run away
  • Ok man (Ft. BOBBY)
  • Wa (Ft. Zion.T
  • I want to (Ft. meenoi)
  • Daylight
  • Hop in (Ft. DPR LIVE
  • Pow!
  • Click / Han river view
  • Book store (Ft. BewhY)
  • Sunrise
  • Lost in a crowd
Run away MV


  • TANG!
  • PYRAMID (Ft. Gaeko, lIlBOI)
  • KILL
  • MUAH
  • DRUNK TALK (Ft. sogumm)
  • SAD WALK (Ft. sunwoojunga)
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With incredible music, stunning stages, and brilliant talent, MINO is one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the Korean music industry. For more on this artist, his music, and more, keep reading here:

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