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  1. Billlie K-Pop New Album Coming This February! Top Rookie Girl Group Announces Second Record (2022)
  2. Republic Records and JYPE Announce Expanded Partnership: What this means for JYPE artists
  3. KBS Drama Animal Abuse Scandal: What Went Wrong and the Public’s Outcry (2022)
  4. The Rise of K-Pop Album Exhibitions: The New Pop-Up Events Explained
  5. Three Romantic K-Dramas Coming To NETFLIX This Valentines!
  6. Mark Lee First Solo Release “Child” : NCT Lab and Other NCT News
  7. Could K-Pop Artists Save Physical Albums Sales? TXT Become the Fifth-Highest Selling Artist in the US in 2021
  8. Netflix Korea Announces 25 New Projects: Which Are On Your List?
  9. Who Topped the K-Pop January Brand Reputation Chart/Rankings? (2022)
  10. How to Vote for 2022 Seoul Music Awards? Winning Criteria & Nominations
  11. 2022 Golden Disc Awards: Winners, Winning Criteria, Performances
  12. “The Silent Sea” A Global Success: Indicating the continued effect of the K-Wave
  13. Street Woman Fighter Franchise Expands with Third Spin-off (2022)
  14. “Single’s Inferno” Success Signals Great Potential For K-Reality Shows
  15. Jay Park Shocks Fans by Retiring as CEO! The Boyz New Debuts as a Songwriter with Brand “New” Track:
  16. Star-studded K-Drama Snowdrop Controversy Sparks Debate Among Viewers
  17. SMTOWN Digital Passport Launched- Golden Child Announce Concert and JP Debut!
  18. IVE Break Music Show Record! IZ*ONE Kang Hye-won New Music and Role in ‘Best Mistake’ Season 3
  19. Weverse Con 2021 Full Line-Up: Justin Bieber, TXT- HYBE Global Concert
  20. BRAVE GIRLS First Concert and Fandom Name : DETAILS (2021)
  21. NEW MUSIC! ENHYPEN To Release New Music in Jan! MAMAMOO Moonbyul To Return With Second Solo Project
  22. NEW MUSIC! Wanna One Kim Jaehwan To Release New December Record! TVXQ Changmin Japanese EP DETAILS
  23. MAMA 2021: Mnet Asian Music Awards Performers / Presenter Line-Up Full List
  24. 2021 Asian Artist Awards: The Full List of Winners At The 2021 AAAs
  25. SMTM10 FINALE: Show Me The Money Winner Announced – DETAILS
  26. BTS Seoul Concert Announced For 2021 -Holiday Remix of “Butter” Out Now! Jin Releases Birthday Trot Song
  27. Kep1er’s Debut Date Postponed – DETAILS (December 2022)
  28. BTS Tops 9 Billboard 2021 Charts – Members to be Absent at MAMA2021 after SoFi Success
  29. NCT DREAM Release First NCT2021 Track; The Start of K-Pop Winter Releases: Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, TWICE
  30. MINO Announces Third Full-Length Record Release For This December!
  31. WOODZ Offline Concert To Be Held In Seoul This December; ATEEZ Comeback Announced!
  32. GOT7 Park Jinyoung K-Drama “The Devil Judge” Comes to Netflix this Christmas!
  33. Show Me The Money 10 Finalists Revealed; SMTM10 Concert and New Tracks: Details
  34. BTS V to Feature on Brand-New K-Drama “Our Beloved Summer” OST!
  35. Kim Jaehwan S.Korean Tour; cignature Return After A Year: Comeback Details
  36. AB6IX Debut In Japan; Gaho Releases First Full-Length Album “Fireworks”
  37. BTS Grammy Nominated After Dominating the AMAs; South Korea to Revise Military Service Exemptions For K-Pop stars
  38. EXO KAI To Hold First Solo Concert; MINO Teases New Music and Album
  39. ASTRO Yoon Sanha Cast for Super Junior Eunhyuk’s musical and KBS K-Drama ‘Crazy Love’
  40. Stray Kids Christmas Special Album DETAILS; ONEWE COMEBACK DETAILS
  41. Bae Jinyoung STARS in Upcoming WEBDRAMA: DETAILS; Lee Eunsang and SF9’s Dawon CO-STAR in NEW WEBDRAMA
  43. VERIVERY US TOUR 2021 DETAILS! BTS Time Capsule Displayed at S.Korea’s Contemporary History Museum
  45. Remind ME: DECEMBER 2021 EVENT DETAILS- Concerts, Tours, Festival, Award Shows, and more!
  46. K-Pop WORLD TOURS and New OFFLINE Concerts: TWICE, ATEEZ, NCT, and Gayo Daechukje (KBS Song Festival)
  47. THE BOYZ WIN at 5 Music Shows; MUSIC BANK to bring back AUDIENCES
  48. NCT 2021 CONFIRMED – DETAILS; IVE DEBUT: IZ*ONE Yujin & Wooyoung to REDEBUT in NEW STARSHIP Girl Group
  49. TWICE Breaks Records and “Doughnut” Japanese Release DETAILS; Kpop4Planet Platform Promotes Activism
  50. THE BOYZ to hold 3-day OFFLINE CONCERT in Seoul; GOT7 Youngjae First SOLO Fan Meeting
  51. SF9 NEW upcoming EP; SEVENTEEN to release FIRST Japanese WINTER ballad!
  52. TXT & BTS NOMINATED at the Peoples Choice Awards: How to VOTE; T-ARA RETURN after 4 Year Hiatus: COMEBACK DETAILS
  53. Billie explosive DEBUT; BLACKPINK’s LISA continues to break K-POP Billboard records
  54. NCT Jaehyun RETURNS to Acting; aespa to PERFORM at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  55. BTS and Megan Thee Stallion to COLLAB at AMAs 2021; “DYNAMITE” is certified Triple-Platinum
  56. Stray Kids World Tour! JYPE report gives STAY hope; SMTM10 first tracks are released
  57. MMA 2021(The MelON Music Awards): EVENT/VOTING Details, NOMINEE List, Winning RUBRIC, and more…
  58. ONEUS “LUNA” comeback DETAILS; DPR, eaJ and CL rock 88rising HITC Festival
  59. aespa to remaster S.E.S track, “Dreams Come True”; Adora collaborates with VIVIZ’s Eunha in debut single
  60. Disney+ to expand into K-DRAMA market; NEW Dramas to feature BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Kang Daniel
  62. STAYC is the Spotify EQUAL Artist Of The Month: Promoting Female Music Artists and Gender Equality in Music
  63. MAMA 2021 DETAILS: Award NOMINEES and Award Winning CRITERIA
  64. Lovelyz DISBAND; SM Halloween PARTY; BTS 2021 Season’s Greeting DETAILS and Pre-Order INFO
  65. BTS’ ‘BUTTER’ submitted for GRAMMYs; CJ ENM to build new K-POP ARENA
  66. NOVEMBER K-Pop Comeback SCHEDULE; SVT win a Triple Crown for ‘ATTACA’ EP
  67. THE BOYZ release MV TEASER; BTS Jungkook COVERS Harry Styles
  68. IZ*ONE celebrate 3 Years; TWICE new ALBUM TRACKLIST
  69. Vocal Legend AILEE RETURNS with new ALBUM; NCT DREAM and OH MY GIRL win at the KPCAA
  70. EXO SEHUN’s latest K-Drama DETAILS; ASTRO’s MJ Prepares for Trot SOLO DEBUT
  71. K-Pop Artists like BTS,LISA, and AESPA take over BRAND NEW Billboard Hot Trending Songs Powered by Twitter
  72. EXO KAI Upcoming SECOND album; SEVENTEEN Attacca RELEASE; The Asian Artist Awards (AAA) LINEUP Updates
  73. TXT’s “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” charts for 20 weeks, UPCOMING Frost MV, and more TXT news
  74. K-Pop Lightsticks Unavailable as Global Chip Shortage affects Prices and Production
  75. “Girls Planet 999” has revealed the FINAL lineup, Group Name, and more
  76. Is Run BTS ending? Where to watch, and more BTS news
  77. Chaotic Wonderland: TXT announce JP EP, Pre-Order Details and more…
  78. Park Jihoon Announces Comeback “HOT&COLD” on Official Twitter and Instagram accounts
  79. Eric Nam Returns With Brand New Track “I Don’t Know You Anymore.”
  80. SOMI Announces Upcoming EP and Comeback- Details, Pre-Order, and more
  81. BTS to Move from Columbia Records in favor of Universal Music (UMG)
  82. THE BOYZ “MAVERICK” Comeback details, Promo Photos and more
  83. V’s “Sweet Night” becomes the most streamed K-OST song on Spotify, and other BTS news
  84. CJ ENM to acquire SM Entertainment; HYBE holds GLOBAL AUDITIONS-audition requirements
  85. FORMULA OF LOVE: TWICE Celebrate their 6th Anniversary and Album Pre-order Details
  86. SEVENTEEN comeback details, JUN Returns to Acting, and more…
  87. STAYS celebrate as Stray Kids’ “THUNDEROUS” reaches 100 million views
  88. SECRET NUMBER Announces Two New Members and more Comeback Details
  89. aespa’s “Savage” Achieves Their First PAK (Perfect All Kill)


  1. Who is Song Ji-Ah (FreeZia)? The YouTuber / Reality Star It-Girl of 2022
  2. Who is Lee Young-ji 이영지? HSR3 Winner to K-Rap Star (2022 Profile)
  3. Who is P1Harmony K-Pop? All About the Members and Music (2022)
  4. Who is MIRAE K-Pop? All About The Members and Music (Profile 2022)
  5. Who is JUST B K-Pop? All About The Members and Music (2022 Profile)
  6. Who is Lim Young-Woong 임영웅? The Chart-Topping Trot Star (2022 Profile)
  7. Lee Mu-jin 이무진: Korea’s New Favorite Vocalist (2022 Profile)
  8. Girls On Top K-Pop Profile: All About the Members and Music (2022)
  9. PIXY K-Pop Profile: All About The Members and Music (2022)
  10. OMEGA X K-Pop Profile: All About the members and Music (2022)
  11. TRENDZ K-Pop Profile: All About the Members and Music (2022)
  12. JYPn K-Pop (SQU4D) Profile: All About The Members (2022)
  13. Kep1er K-Pop Profile: All About The Members and Music (2022)
  14. Xdinary Heroes K-pop Profile: All About The Members and Music (2021)
  15. Ciipher K-Pop Profile: All About The Members and Music (2021)
  16. TRIBE K-Pop (TRI.BE) Profile: All About The Members and Music (2021)
  17. KINGDOM K-Pop Profile: All About The Members and Music (2021)
  18. LIGHTSUM K-Pop Profile: All About The Members and Music (2021)
  19. DRIPPIN K-Pop Profile: All About DRIPPIN Members and Music (2021)
  20. bugAboo K-Pop Profile: All About bugAboo Members and Music (2021)
  21. Who is MIRAE K-Pop? All About The Members and Music (Profile 2022)
  22. VERIVERY (베리베리): K-Pop, Members, Music, and more (Profile)
  23. EPEX 이펙스: K-pop, Members, Music, and more (Profile)
  24. Yugyeom 유겸: GOT7, AOMG, Dance, and R&B (Profile)
  25. IVE 아이브: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more (Profile)
  26. Han Seungwoo 한승우: K-POP SOLOIST, VICTON, X1, and more (Profile)
  27. Kim Jaehwan 김재환: K-Pop’s Golden Vocalist (Profile)
  28. BILLLIE K-Pop Profile: All About Billlie Members and Music (2022)
  29. TREASURE 트레저: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more… (Profile)
  30. iKON 아이콘: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more… (Profile)
  31. Stray Kids 스트레이 키즈: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more… (Profile)
  32. TREASURE 트레저: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more… (Profile)
  33. Kang Daniel 강다니엘: K-Pop Soloist, Pop Culture Icon, and Entrepreneur (Profile)
  34. WEEEKLY (위클리): K-Pop, Members, Music, and more… (Profile)
  35. STAYC 스테이씨: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more… (Profile)
  36. NCT 127 엔시티 127: NCT, K-Pop, Music, Members, and more (Profile)
  37. Red Velvet 레드벨벳: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more (Profile)
  38. EXO 엑소: The Kings of K-Pop (Profile)
  39. BLACKPINK 블랙핑크 In Your Area: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more (Profile)
  40. SOMI 소미: K-Pop Princess (Profile)
  41. NCT Dream 엔시티 드림: K-Pop, NCT, Music, Members, and more (Profile)
  42. The Boyz: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more (Profile)
  43. TWICE 트와이스: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more (Profile)
  44. Eric Nam 에릭남: The Perfect Pop Singer (Profile)
  45. aespa 에스파: Futuristic K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  46. Park Jihoon 박지훈: Talented Actor, WANNA ONE member, and Dazzling Soloist (Profile)
  47. MAMAMOO 마마무: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  48. BTS 방탄소년단: The Voice of this Generation (Profile)
  49. IU 아이유: The Queen of Art (Profile)
  50. MINO 미노: WINNER, SMTM, and Solo Stardom (Profile)
  51. HEIZE 헤이즈: R&B, Neo-soul, and K-Hip hop (Profile)
  52. ONEWE 원위: K-Rock Band, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  53. Taeyeon 태연: K-Pop’s R&B Vocalist (Profile)
  54. Crush 크러쉬: Genre Blender and Music Innovator (Profile)
  55. TXT 투모로우바이투게더: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  56. Hoody 후디: AOMG, Contemporary R&B, and Dazzling Vocals (Profile)
  57. TAEMIN 태민 : The Idol’s Idol (Profile)
  58. eaJ : Musical Masterpieces, Songwriting, and More (Profile)
  59. KIMMUSEUM 김뮤지엄: Music, Songwriting, Nevertheless, and K-R&B (Profile)
  60. DPR LIVE 디피알 라이브: DPR Rapper, Vocalist, and Performer (Profile)
  61. JAMIE 제이미: K-Pop Star and R&B/Hip-Hop Soloist (Profile)
  62. ITZY 있지: K-Pop, Members, Music, and more (Profile)
  63. WOODZ 조승연: Cho Seungyoun, UNIQ, Luizy, X1, and more (Profile)
  64. Dreamcatcher 드림캐쳐: K-Pop, Rock, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  65. Who is ENHYPEN K-Pop? All About the Members and Music (2022 Profile)
  66. Ha Sungwoon 하성운: Spectacular Singer, Songwriter, and Soloist (Profile)
  67. SF9 에스에프나인: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  68. Seventeen 세븐틴: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  69. OH MY GIRL 오마이걸: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  70. Lee Hi 이하이: The Musician, Artist, and Stunning Vocalist (Profile)
  71. BAEKHYUN 백현: The R&B Idol (Profile)
  72. ASTRO 아스트로: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  73. 10cm 센티미터: Indie-Pop Icon
  74. Yukika 유키카: Stunning Vocals, City Pop, and Beautiful K-Pop (Profile)
  75. Car, the garden 카더가든: The incredible Vocalist, Songwriter, and Musician (Profile)
  76. Yerin Baek 백예린: Music, Art, and Blue Vinyls (Profile)
  77. BDC 비디씨: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  78. CRAVITY 크래비티: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  79. JUNNY 주니: Flawless R&B singer-songwriter
  80. Who is P1Harmony K-Pop? All About the Members and Music (2022)
  81. Gaho 가호: The Genius Musician (Profile)
  82. CIX 씨아이엑스: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  83. AB6IX 에이비식스: K-Pop, Members, Music, and More (Profile)
  84. Seori 서리: The Korean songstress of 2021 (Profile)
  85. SUNMI 선미: The Queen of K-Pop (Profile)


  1. What is Crash Landing on You? All About The Info, Cast and OST (2022)
  2. What is Start Up K-Drama? All About The Plot, Cast, and OST (2022)
  3. What is Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung K-Drama? About Plot, Cast, OST
  4. What is Itaewon Class K-Drama? All About the Plot, Cast, and OST (2022)

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  2. Music Show Updates: Weekly K-Pop Charts (2022)
  3. Who is on MCountdown Music Show Today? Weekly Charts (2022)
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