7 K-Pop Retro-Inspired releases to add to your playlist!

Retro-inspired songs is one of favorite styles of K-Pop songs. Recently disco-themed and retro-inspired music has been a trendy style, with artists like BTS and TWICE releasing songs inspired by some of the best music trends of the twentieth century. This list includes 7 recent K-Pop retro-inspired songs that should be added to any nostalgic playlist of the past!

Note: there are many retro-inspired songs in the K-Pop genres, the list includes some of the most recent releases that have been inspired by this style.

1. Dynamite (BTS)

Dynamite MV

One of the most iconic songs of 2020, this English hit by the show-stopping BTS is a homage to disco days of the past. With modern lyrics and an addictive beat, Dynamite was the song of summer 2020. It would be hard to name a song that had more of an effect on the music scene in 2020 than this song. On top of hitting the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, “Dynamite” was also BTS’ first Grammy Nomination. With a retro melody, iconic choreography, and memorable lyrics, it is not surprising that this song received millions of views in minutes!

Image: @bts.bighitofficial (IG)

2.I Can’t Stop Me (TWICE)

I Can’t Stop Me MV

Another homage to the twentieth century is TWICE’s 2020 smash “I Can’t Stop Me.” As the title track from their incredible full album “Eyes Wide Open,” this song and its retro-inspired instrumentals reached a large audience and the top of the charts. With TWICE’s talent, memorable choreography, and an unforgettable chorus, this is a song whose retro beat and hooking chorus I can listen to a million times!

Image: @twicetagram (IG)



One of the most retro songs released recently, GFRIEND’s “Mago” unapologetically references the disco style of the 1970s. From a music video filled with bellbottom pants and disco balls to the song’s lyrics and instrumentals, “Mago” would not have been out of place at clubs 50 years ago! With beautiful vocals, dazzling performances, and an iconic aesthetic, GFRIEND proved that they pull off the retro-concept fantastically!

Image: @gfriendofficial (IG)

4. Switch to Me (JYP duet with Rain)

Switch to me (duet with Rain) MV

It is not a secret that the retro style suits JYP however, this collaboration with Rain truly cements this fact. “Switch to Me” is an iconic retro song that references pop in the 20th century with its up-tempo beat and fun lyrics. With the brilliant combination of JYP’s star-power voice and Rain’s raping and vocals, this song is glamourous, dazzling, and iconic!

Image: @asiansoul_jyp (IG)

5. When We Disco (JYP duet with Sunmi)

When We Disco (duet with Sunmi)

An iconic collaboration and an iconic song, this disco track and choreography took the world by storm! About two people reminiscing on their romance in the 70s, “When We Disco” is a nostalgic earworm. Emphasizing the brilliant synergy of JYP and Sunmi, this fantastic duo brought the shimmering and glittering style of the 1970s to life!

K-Pop retro-inspired jyp sunmi
Image: @asiansoul_jyp (IG)

6. pporappippam (Sunmi)

pporappippam MV

In this retro comeback, Sunmi shone like a disco ball! “Pporappippam” is a fun dance song with an addictive beat and a dazzling aesthetic. Showcasing Sunmi’s vocals and the song’s brilliant choreography, this song lit up 2020. Although this song got released during quarantine, “pporappippam” refers to a romantic past of packed dance floors, electronic beats, and sparkling outfits.

K-Pop retro-inspired sunmi
Image: @miyayeah (IG)



By the the Broadway tracks of the century past, SEVENTEEN’s “HOME;RUN” is a show-stopping hit! Through this song, the members of SEVENTEEN delivered jaw-dropping choreography, incredible rapping, and stunning vocals. With a fun beat and memorable chorus, this iconic track fits its dazzling theme. The title track of their excellent mini-album “Semi;colon,” “HOME;RUN” is a show-tune-inspired hit as perfect for the 21st century as the 20th century!

K-Pop retro-inspired svt
Image: @saythename_17 (IG)

Other retro-inspired songs include: “Blue Hour” (TXT), “1 Billion Views” (EXO-SC), “Telepathy” (BTS), and “Magic” (TXT)

For more about K-Pop retro-inspired tracks and other K-Pop genres, keep reading here: K-Pop Music

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