June K-Pop Releases (2021)

June was such a fun month for K-Pop. From summer songs to brilliant releases from excellent soloists and groups, this month was a true gift! In June K-Pop summer songs from groups including TWICE, DRIPPIN, SEVENTEEN, Brave Girls, NCT DREAM, and WEi, uplifted and refreshed the warm days. Some of the Hip-Hop/R&B artists who released tracks and albums in June include B.I, Seori, YUGYEOM lIlBOI, Wonstein, Mirani, Sam Kim, and Epik High. K-Pop Soloists who released songs include RM, HA SUNG WOON, BM, BamBam, eAeon, DAVII, WOOSNG, Han Seung Woo, and NIve. Other groups that released music include, Mamamoo, N.Flying, TXT, LUCY, WAYV’s Kun and Xiaojun, ONEWE, A.C.E, Stray Kids, 2 PM, LOONA, and SHINee. For more information about June K-Pop releases and these tracks, see below:

Note: Since there is so much Korean music released every month, this list may not contain ALL Korean songs released in June.

30 June 2021

An impressive brand new debut, boy group “Just B” have just released their first mini-album titled, “JUST BURN.” This five-song playlist is a powerful and impressive collection. Altogether this album includes the songs “Get Away,” “DAMAGE,” “My Way,” “Double Dare,” and “Deja Vu.” Released on the same day as their title track “DAMAGE,” this exciting album is a strong debut for this six-member group.

Image: @justb_ig_official (IG)
30 June 2021

Brand new boy group Just B have just made their debut. Their debut song, “DAMAGE,” is a powerful dance-pop song that showcases this group’s versatile talent. From a dramatic music video to this song’s exciting and unique choreography to its impressive instrumentals, “DAMAGE” is a spectacular debut for this new group!

30 June 2021

The second EP released by BDC in 2021, “THE INTERSECTION: CONTRACT,” is a brilliant pop album that shows this trio’s versatility as artists, vocalists, and rappers. In addition to the title track, “MOONLIGHT,” this album includes four other songs including, “MYSTERTY CIRCLE,” “MIRAGE,” “LOVE, TRUST& DESTINY,” and “MOONLIGHT – Instrumental.” Each of these songs displays BDC’s beautiful vocals and neat rap style, which together shine like moonlight.

Image: @bdc.bnm (Instagram)
30 June 2021
MOONLIGHT MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Catchy, aesthetic, and addictive, “MOONLIGHT” is an energetic pop song from BRANDNEWMUSIC’s trio, BDC. With a stunning music video, beautiful choreography, and a song that showcases these three artist’s powerful vocal and rap skills, “MOONLIGHT” is a brilliant way to end your June!

30 June 2021
Got It MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Former member of U-Kiss, Korean-American solo-vocalist Kevin Woo has released his smooth pop track “Got It.” This song is about someone stuck in a toxic relationship that they can’t seem to leave. With Kevin’s angelic vocals and this song’s addictive pop instrumentals, this song is another brilliant single from this talented singer.

29 June 2021

SUPERSTAR group SHINee has released its first Japanese album in three years. Following the release of their title track of the same name, SHINee has released their “SUPERSTAR” Japanese album. The album is a pop collection consisting of new Japanese songs “SUPERSTAR,” “Closer,” and “SEASONS,” as well as Japanese versions of their chart-topping songs “Don’t Call Me” and “Atlantis.” With these brilliant songs, SHINee has released another dazzling album!

Image: @shinee_jp_official (Instagram)
29 June 2021
SUPERSTAR MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

This uplifting song by SHINee immediately put a smile on my face. “SUPERSTAR” is this iconic group’s first Japanese release this year. With disco aesthetics and a fun, refreshing pop concept, this song is the best title track for their new Japanese album of the same name!

29 June 2021
Perfect World MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

TWICE has released its second Japanese title track in 2021. “Perfect World” is a powerful and glamourous dance track that supports its dazzling choreography. With a theatrical concept, this Japanese song makes TWICE’s vocalists and rappers shine!

29 June 2021
Rain Song MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Epik High and Colde have just released their emotional rain-soaked track, “Rain Song.” This poetic song is about somebody reminiscing about a past relationship and partner on a rainy day. With a nostalgic atmosphere, beautiful lyrics, and relaxed instrumentals, “Rain Song” is the perfect song for the rainy season.

29 June 2021
ESCAPE MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

NIve has released his first single in 2021, “ESCAPE,” and it’s excellent! Cinematic and edgy, this song is about somebody looking to escape from their situation by hitting the open road. With an intoxicating hook and addictive sound, this unforgettable song showcases NIve’s unique vocals in a way that is new and fresh for this brilliant vocalist.

29 June 2021

Released on the same day as their title track, DRIPPIN has released their single album of the same name. “First Pass” consists of three summer songs named “First Pass,” “STAY,” and “WISH.” Filled with beautiful vocals, neat raps, and uplifting tracks, this single K-Pop album is a must-listen collection!

Image: @drippin_insta (Instagram)
29 June 2021
Free Pass MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Bright, refreshing, and sweet, DRIPPIN’s newest release is a summer love song. “Free Pass” is a song as sweet as cotton candy and as exciting as summer nights around the fire. With an uplifting beat and lovely lyrics, this song by DRIPPIN is refreshing in any heat!

28 June 2021
Veronica MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

The second song released from ONEWE’s 2021 album “Plant Nine : Alter Ego,” “Veronica,” is energetic, lively, and uplifting. Through its beautiful astrological lyrics, “Veronica” showcases this band’s dazzling vocalists and shining rappers while proving the strength of beautiful live instrumentals.

28 June 2021

NCT Dream is back with their repackaged album “Hello Future,” filled with summer fun and colorful tracks. With this new album, these seven members showcase their talents as performers, vocalists, and rappers. Released on the same day as their title track, “Hello Future,” this 45 min K-Pop collection is full of upbeat pop tracks, powerful dance songs, and catchy hits.

Image: @nct_dream (Instagram)
28 June 2021
Hello Future MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Refreshing and fun, NCT Dream is back with their summer song, “Hello Future.” A bright love song, this uplifting song will bring a smile to the faces of millions of fans around the world. With a colorful music video, an energetic choreography, and NCT Dream’s talent, this is another fantastic addition to this group’s discography,

28 June 2021

LOONA’s first 2021 release, “&,” is a fun pop album. Both refreshing and powerfully strong, this girl group shows off their versatile skills in this new EP. Released on the same day as their title track, “Paint The Town,” Loona is finishing off the first half of this year with a Bang!

Image: @loonatheworld (Instagram)
28 June 2021
PTT (Paint The Town) MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

LOONA is back with their colorful new title track. “Paint The Town” is a powerfully strong title track for this girl group’s latest album, “&.” A dance-pop, this girl-power track displays this group’s talent as vocalists, rappers, and dancers.

28 June 2021

Han Seungwoo has returned with his second solo album. “Fade” is a beautiful album that showcases Han Seungwoo’s vocal and rap talent. Released on the same day as the title track “See you again,” this album is another brilliant collection of perfectly crafted tracks by this talented artist.

Image: @victon1109 (Instagram)
28 June 2021
See you again MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Solo artist (and member of K-Pop group VICTON) Han Seungwoo has returned with this tear-jerking ballad. A soulful song about longing for a lost love, “See you again” is an emotional reflection on a past relationship that shows off Han Seungwoo’s incredible vocals.

28 June 2021

Iconic K-Pop group 2PM is back after their five-year hiatus with a full album. “MUST” is a brilliant pop album that demonstrates everything that fans love about this boy group. Released on the same day as their title track, “Make it,” this album is an explosive return for 2PM.

Image: @asiansoul_jyp (Instagram)
28 June 2021
Make it MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

After five years, 2PM is finally back with a new album and a new single named “Make it.” This explosive JYP song is a fun track with an addictive chorus and melody that showcases the talent and skill 2PM. With a catchy beat and lyrics, this song is the perfect title track for their full album titled “MUST.”

26 June 2021
Mixtape : OH MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

After winning the TV competition show “Kingdom: Legendary War,” Stray Kids have released this Mixtape song. A light pop song with catchy instrumentals and Stray Kids’ talent, “Mixtape: OH” showcases everything that fans love about this show-stopper group.

25 June 2021
Illusion VISUALIZER (With TOBI) (June K-Pop Playlist)

B.I has released the VISUALIZER for his song “Illusion”. Another track from this talented rapper’s solo debut album, “Illusion,” is a chill hip-hop song with a relaxing beat and catchy melody.

24 June 2021
Lazy (feat. Reddy) MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Solo-singer WOOSUNG (also a member of the band “The Rose”) has just released his summer song. This summery concept compliments WOOSUNG’s beautiful vocal style. With a colorful beat, fun lyrics, and Woosung’s unique vocals, “Lazy” is a fantastic song for this talented soloist.

23 June 2021
The Juice MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Sam Kim is back! With a nostalgic upbeat track and light-hearted lyrics, Sam Kim’s newest track, “The Juice,” is a playful song that showcases this vocalist’s beautiful vocals. Colorful, jazzy, and filled with fun, this track is the perfect song for Sam Kim!

23rd June 2021
Love The Way MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

As the third title track from YUGYEOM’s solo debut album “Point of View: U,” this track is an R&B/Hip-Hop collaboration track with a catchy hook and melody. With the excellent combination of Yugyeom’s smooth vocals and Jay Park/Punchnello’s verses, this song is another strong track from this fantastic album!

22nd June 2021

Following their powerful title track “Higher,” A.C.E has released their beautiful new album titled “SIREN : DAWN.” A fantastic K-Pop album, “SIREN : DAWN,” delivers everything, from anthems to beautiful chill pop tracks. With versatile pop styles performed stunningly, this album is another brilliant addition to this group’s discography!

@official_a.c.e7 (Instagram)
22nd June 2021
Higher MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

A cinematic music video, iconic choreography, and an absolute anthem! A.C.E’s “Higher” sets a powerful tone for their new album, “SIREN : DAWN.” With a strong chorus and a catchy melody, this hit is another brilliant addition to this group’s discography!

19th June 2021

A double-single album by DAVII, “Don’t play me love,” is a chill album consisting of two masterpieces. The first song/ title song is also titled “Don’t play me love” and features the vocals of K-Pop group Pentagon’s KINO. The second song is named “Fever” and features Blue.D’s enchanting vocals. While these two songs each have their individual charms, they complement each other and showcase the skill of this talented artist and the featured vocalists.

Image: @daviichoi (Instagram)
19th June 2021
Don’t play me love (Feat. KINO) (June K-Pop Playlist)

Released over the weekend, this collaboration between K-Hip-Hop/R&B artist DAVII and Pentagon member KINO is a catchy and slightly nostalgic title track. The newest single from these talented artists, this song is filled with 1930s style scat singing and an addictive beat that sticks in your head.

18th June 2021

Released on the same day as their upbeat K-Pop title track “Ready for love,” Seventeen’s latest album showcases everything Carats love about Seventeen’s beautiful music. A combination of chill-pop tracks and refreshing summer songs, “Your Choice” is a mini-album that audiences will be listening to for the rest of the year.

K-Pop svt
Image: @saythename_17 (Instagram)
18th June 2021
Ready to love MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

A pastel-colored song from these thirteen artists, Seventeen’s “Ready to Love” is an upbeat love song with stunning lyrics, an uplifting beat, and beautiful choreography. As the title track to Seventeen’s latest album, “Your Choice,” this song is another fantastic addition to Seventeen’s epic discography.

17th June 2021

Following the release of their come back, “Chi Mat Ba Ram,” BRAVE GIRLS released their summer-themed “Summer Queen” album. Filled with Pool Parties and refreshing new songs from this popular four-member girl group, “Summer Queen” is a fun light album perfect for June!

K-Pop Brave girls
Image: @bravegirls.official (Instagram)
17th June 2021
Chi Mat Ba Ram MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

The girls are back as Summer Queens! The viral 2021 sensation Brave Girls have come back with their refreshing summer song “Chi Mat Ba Ram.” This uplifting song is a fun pop track with a summer beat, Brave Girls’ addictive vocals, and charming choreography.

17th June 2021

Following the release of his two title tracks “Don’t (feat. RM)” and “Null (feat. Jclef)” eAeon has released his 2021 album titled “Fragile.” This chill album perfectly suits eAeon as a vocalist and his style of songwriting.

K-Pop eAeon
Image: @eaeon (Instagram)
17th June 2021
Null MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

One of the title track to eAeon’s 2021 album “Fragile,” this eerie track showcases eAeon’s artistic songwriting and vocals. With the lyrics about somebody trapped in a toxic relationship and the song’s deep bass instrumentals, this song is a memorable single from this talented artist!

17th June 2021

YUGYEOM has released his solo debut album. After leaving JYP Entertainment, this GOT7 member has joined AOMG to pursue his solo career. Now Yugyeom has released his first solo album, “Point of View: U.” Yugyeom released “Point of View: U” on the same day as his second title track, “All Your Fault” (Feat. GRAY).

K-Pop Yugyeom
Image: @yugyeom (Instagram)
17th June 2021
All Your Fault MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

A smooth K-Pop R&B-inspired pop track, “All Your Fault” (Ft. GRAY) is the perfect second title track for Yugyeom’s solo debut album “Point Of View: U,” released on the same day. With a chill beat and a catchy hook, this smooth pop song displays Yugyeom’s unique vocals and GRAY’s neat rap style!

16th June 2021

ONEWE has released their rock album “Planet Nine: Alter Ego” on the same day as their title track “Rain To Be.” This album is an ode to this band’s brilliant skill and fantastic k- rock music.

Image: @official_onewe (Instagram)
16th June 2021
Rain To Be MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

A favorite recent release, ONEWE’s “Rain To Be,” is another brilliant addition to this excellent band’s discography. This rock-inspired song is an epic love song and immediately inspired me to listen to their new album.

16th June 2021
Back To You MV (June K-Pop Playlist)
K-Pop WayV
Image: @wayvofficial (Instagram)

Kun and Xiaojun of the group WayV (a sub-unit of SM’s NCT) have released their unit song “Back to You.” This Chinese ballad song showcases these two vocalists’ stunning voices that transport the listener to a peaceful world.

Kun and Xiaojun released this ballad track along with two B-side songs named “Sleepless” and “Back To You – English Version.”

16th June 2021
HEAT MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

This playful, uplifting, and summery chill-hip-hop song is a brilliant collaboration between some of the most popular hip-hop artists at the moment. “HEAT” is a light track with a fantastic beat that complements these artist’s unique styles.

16th June 2021
Image: @band_lucy (Instagram)

LUCY has released their uplifting June album “Gatcha!” along with their uplifting title track “I Got U.”

16th June 2021
I Got U MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

The four-member band LUCY has released their summer hit “I Got U.” This playful song demonstrates this band’s talent and passion for music and performing. With members playing the violin, bass, guitar, and drums, this talented K-Pop band is ready to take over the world!

15th June 2021

GOT7’s BamBam has released his solo debut album, “riBBOn.” Having left JYP and joined ABYSS COMPANY, BamBam has debuted as a solo artist by releasing his first solo album, “riBBon.”.

K-Pop BamBam
Image: @bambam1a (Instagram)
15th June 2021
riBBon MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Fresh and uplifting, BamBam’s solo debut song “riBBon” is a pastel-colored feel-good track. This light pop song is a brilliant summer song that showcases BamBam’s vocals and rapp skills.

11 June 2021
I Want U Around (Feat. DeVita) (June K-Pop Playlist)

After joining AOMG, GOT7’s YUGYEOM has released his solo debut song “I Want U Around (Feat. DeVita).” This song’s strong beat and hip-hop-inspired instrumentals perfectly support YUGYEOM and DeVita’s beautiful vocals, an excellent solo debut for such a talented performer.

11 June 2021
Magic MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

TXT has released “Magic” from their album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” (2021). “Magic” is the second title track from this album and their first song released in English.

11 June 2021
twice K-Pop taste of love
Image: @twicetagram (Instagram)

TWICE has released their summer album “Taste of Love” following their title track “Alcohol-Free,” released on the 9th of June.

10th June 2021
Broken Me MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

The main rapper of the co-ed group K.A.R.D, BM has released his solo track “Broken Me.” This heartbreaking breakup song showcases both BM’s rap and vocal skills.

10 June 2021
The Long Night (feat. 기리보이) MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Seori has released her beautiful Korean track “The Long Night” featuring rapper 기리보이 Giriboy. With this song, Seori enchants her listeners with her stunning vocals in this relaxing and healing track.

9th June 2021
Alchohol-Free MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

TWICE has released “Alchohol-Free” as the title track of their album “Taste of Love” (2021). This summer song is the perfect way to start June!

9th June 2021
wei K-Pop identity action
Image: @wei_official (Instagram)

WEi has released their hit summer album “IDENTITY: Action” on the same day as their title track “Bye Bye Bye.”

9th June 2021
Bye Bye Bye MV (June K-Pop Playlist)
K-Pop wei bye bye bye
Image: @wei_official (Instagram)

WEi has released “Bye Bye Bye” as the title track of their album “IDENTITY: Action” (2021). This catchy summer break-up song has demonstrated the talent and incredible skill of these artists!

7th June 2021
Image: @official.hasungwoon (Instagram)

Former member of Wanna One, Ha Sungwoon has released his summer album “Sneakers.” This talented solo artist released his album on the same day as his title track with the same name.

7th June 2021
Sneakers MV (June K-Pop Playlist)
Image: @official.hasungwoon (Instagram)

Ha Sungwoon has released his June comeback “Sneakers.” This upbeat track is the perfect song for the beginning of Summer.

7th June 2021
K-Pop nflying man on the moon
Image: @letsroll_nf (Instagram)

Five-member band, N.Flying has released their June album “Man on the Moon.” They released this album on the same day as their title track “Moonshot.”

7th June 2021
Moonshot MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

N.Flying has released “Moonshot” as the title track of their album “Man on the Moon” (2021). As the first comeback from N.Flying in 2021, this rock-pop song will have listeners dancing in their seat for the rest of the year!

6th June 2021
Bicycle MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

In celebration of 2021FESTA and BTS’ 8th anniversary, RM released this comforting track. “Bicycle” comforted ARMY around the globe with its calming instrumentals and beautiful lyrics.

2nd June 2021
Image: @mamamoo_official (Instagram)

Mamamoo has started June off by releasing their mini-album “WAW” (2021) on the same day as their stunning title track “Where Are We Now.”

2nd June 2021
Where Are We Now MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

Mamamoo has released “Where Are We Now” as the title track of their album “WAW” (2021). This beautiful song showcases the stunning vocals of this show-stopping girl group.

1st June 2021
Image: @official131label (Instagram)

B.I has made his much anticipated solo debut with his chill-hip hop album “Waterfall” released on the same day as his catchy title track “해변 (illa illa).”

1st June 2021
해변 (illa illa) MV (June K-Pop Playlist)

B.I has released “해변 (ila illa)” as the title track of his solo debut album “Waterfall” (2021). This catchy chill-hip hop song has enchanted listeners with its refreshing tempo and beautiful lyrics.

31st May 2021
Image: @txt_bighit (Instagram)

TXT has released their full summer album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” on the same day as their title track, “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori”.

31st May 2021
0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori MV

TXT has released “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori” as the title track of their full album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” (2021). As expected from these brilliant performers, this addictive pop hit is the perfect title track for their incredible new album.

31st May 2021
Image: @redvelvet.smtown (Instagram)

Red Velvet’s Joy has released her summer album “Hello,” along with her happy and uplifting title track of the same name, released on the same day.

31st May 2021
Hello MV

Red Velvet’s Joy has released her solo title song “Hello” as the title track of her album with the same name. With a happy melody, cute lyrics, and a beautiful music video, Joy blew ReVeLuvs away with this uplifting hit!

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