Dreamcatcher 드림캐쳐: K-Pop, Rock, Members, Music, and More (Profile)

Dreamcatcher is a seven-member group under Dreamcatcher Company. Through their incredible music and stunning performances, this group has become one of the top girl groups in the K-Pop genre.


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Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

Dreamcatcher debuted in 2017 with a unique style, concept, and blend of talent. Since their debut, this talented girl group has crafted their unique sound and genre of music that is individual to this group.

Combining K-Pop and rock/metal music, Dreamcatcher’s music is instantly recognizable. Some of Dreamcatcher’s most beloved tracks include “BOCA,” “Odd Eye,” and “Scream,” among others.

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

Thanks to their unique sound, jaw-dropping stages, stunning songs, talented members, and the support of their InSomnia fans, this group has spread its music to audiences around the globe.

Having millions of streams across music platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, Dreamcatcher’s tracks and albums have soared to the top of the K-Pop and Korean music charts.

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

With unforgettable performances, glowing talent, and exceptional music, Dreamcatcher is a uniquely dazzling girl group. Through their incredible discography, the members of this group have showcased their extraordinary musical skills.

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)
about Dreamcatcher

Korean Name: 드림캐쳐
Number of Members: 7
Number of Albums: 13
Debut Year: 2017
Genre: Rock / Metal / Pop / K-Pop / J-Pop
Colors: Black / Maroon / Beige
Fandom: InSomnia

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)
Dreamcatcher members

Dreamcatcher is a seven-membered group. The members include JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon. As brilliant dancers, performers, rappers, and vocalists, the members of Dreamcatchers are all dazzling musicians with distinct musical colors that blend to create Dreamcatcher’s incredible tracks.

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

Name: Kim Minji 김민지

Korean name: 김민지

Position: Leader, Vocalist, Dancer

Birthday: 17/5/94

Star sign: Taurus

Chinese zodiac sign: Dog

Nationality: Korean

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

Name: Kim Bora 김보라

Korean name: 김보라

Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper

Birthday: 10/8/94

Star sign: Leo

Chinese zodiac sign: Dog

Nationality: Korean

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

Name: Lee Siyeon 이시연

Korean name: 이시연

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 1/10/95

Star sign: Libra

Chinese zodiac sign: Pig

Nationality: Korean

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

Name: Han Dong 韓東

Chinese name: 韓東

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 26/3/96

Star sign: Aries

Chinese zodiac sign: Rat

Nationality: Chinese

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

Name: Kim Yoohyeon 김유현

Korean name: 김유현

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 7/1/97

Star sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac sign: Ox

Nationality: Korean

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

Name: Lee Yubin 이유빈

Korean name: 이유빈

Position: Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 7/3/97

Star sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac sign: Ox

Nationality: Korean

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

Name: Lee Gahyeon 이가현

Korean name: 이가현

Position: Rapper, Vocalist

Birthday: 3/2/99

Star sign: Aquarius

Chinese zodiac sign: Rabbit

Nationality: Korean

Dreamcatcher music

This girl group’s music includes their Nightmare albums series:

  • Nightmare (2017)
  • (2017) Nightmare: Fall asleep in the mirror
  • Nightmare – Escape The ERA (2018)
  • The End of Nightmare (2019)

Their Dystopia album series:

  • Dystopia : The Tree of Language (2020)
  • (2020) Dystopia : Lose Myself
  • Dystopia : Road to Utopia (2021)

As well as their standalone albums:

  • Prequel (2017)
  • Alone In The City (2018)
  • The Beginning of The End (2019)
  • Raid of Dream (2019)
  • Eclipse (2021)
  • Summer Holiday (2021)
Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)
Nightmare (2017)
Track list
  • Welcome to Dream
  • Chase Me
  • Emotion
  • Chase Me Instrumental
Chase Me MV
Nightmare: Fall asleep in the mirror (2017)
track list
  • My Toys
  • Lullaby
  • GOOD NIGHT Instrumental
Prequel (2017)
track list
  • Before & After Intro
  • Fly high
  • Wake up
  • Sleep-walking
  • 괜찮아!
  • Fly High Instrumental
Fly High MV
Nightmare – Escape The ERA (2018)
track list
  • Mayday
  • Which a star
  • Scar
  • YOU AND I Instrumental
Alone In The City (2018)
track list
  • Intro
  • What
  • Wonderland
  • Trap
  • July 7th
  • What – Instrumental
What MV
The End of Nightmare (2019)
track list
  • Intro
  • PIRI
  • Diamond
  • And there was no one left
  • Daydream
  • PIRI – Instrumental
The Beginning of The End (2019)
track list
  • Intro
  • Breaking Out
  • My Way
  • Chase Me – JP Ver.
  • Good Night – JP Ver.
  • Wonderland – JP Ver.
  • Piri – JP Ver.
  • What – JP Ver.
  • I Miss You
  • And there was no one left – JP Ver.
  • You and I – JP ver.
  • Outro
Breaking Out MV
Raid of Dream (2019)
track list
  • Intro
  • Deja Vu
  • The curse of the Spider
  • Silent Night
  • Polaris
Deja Vu MV
Dystopia : The Tree of Language (2020)
track list
  • Intro
  • Scream
  • Tension
  • Red Sun
  • Black Or White
  • Jazz Bar
  • In The Frozen
  • Daybreak
  • Full Moon
  • Outro
  • Scream (Instrumental)
  • Paradise
Scream MV
Dystopia : Lose Myself (2020)
track list
  • Intro
  • BOCA
  • Break The Wall
  • Can’t get you out of my mind
  • Dear
  • BOCA – Instrumental
Dystopia : Road to Utopia (2021)
track list
  • Intro
  • Odd Eye
  • Wind Blows
  • Poison Love
  • 4 Memory
  • New days
  • Odd Eye – Instrumental
Odd Eye MV
Eclipse (2021)
track list
  • Eclipse
  • No More
  • Don’t Light My Fire
  • Eclipse – Instrumental
  • No More – Instrumental
  • Don’t Light My Fire – Instrumental
Eclipse MV
No More MV
Sumer Holiday (2021)
track list
  • Intro
  • BEcause
  • Airplane
  • Whistle
  • Alldaylong
  • A Heart of Sunflower
BEcause MV
Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG)

With a distinct signature sound and incredible talent, the seven members of Dreamcatcher have become top performers and musicians. For more on this group, their music, and their members, keep reading here:

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