August K-Pop Releases (2021)

The brilliant August K-Pop releases include catchy summer tracks, addictive anthems, and brilliant records. In August, K-Pop groups like AKMU, AB6IX, ASTRO, CRAVITY, CIX, DREAMCATCHER, NCT U, ONEUS, GOLDEN CHILD, ONF, RED VELVET, STRAY KIDS, The Boyz, TXT, VERIVERY, WayV’s Ten & Yangyang, and Weeekly, among others, all released tracks. This month catchy and addictive tracks by solo artists like SOMI, KINDA BLUE, Hwasa, SUNMI, Ha Sungwoon, HYO, HYOLYN, DASON, Gaho, Park Jihoon, Kwon Eunbi, and CL, among others, were released. Brilliant K-Hip-Hop/R&B tracks were released by artists like Lee Hi, JAY B, PENOMECO, GRAY, Jay Park, and pH-1, among others. For more information about August K-Pop releases and these tracks, see below:

Note: Since hundreds of Korean songs are released every month, this list does not contain ALL Korean songs or music videos released in August

27 August 2021

Stunning vocalist Lee Hi is back with her comforting new track “ONLY.” Through this track, Lee Hi tells the story of pure and true love that lasts a lifetime. The music video for this song reflects this story with a warm, romantic, and cinematic aesthetic. A comforting and beautiful track, this track not only perfectly suits Lee Hi’s perfect vocals, but it makes the listener feel warm and at peace.

26 August 2021

Musical genius JAY B has made his solo debut as a member of H1GHER Music with the album “SOLO FUME.” This EP contains six incredible tracks by JAY B and featuring a variety of other talented artists including, JUNNY, Jay park, Whee In, and g1nger, sokodomo. Furthermore, the tracks on this album were produced by some of the most respected producers, such as Cha Cha Malone, GRAY, GroovyRoom, and WOOGIE. Some of the B-Side tracks of this album include “AM PM (feat. Whee In) Prod. GRAY,” “In To You (feat. g1nger) Prod. WOOGIE,” and “Count On Me Prod. GroovyRoom.”

In addition to these tracks, this album also includes JAY B’s pre-released track “Switch It Up (feat. sokodomo) Prod. Cha Cha Malone.” This debut album shows off this brilliant artist’s incredible skill and the talent of the featured musicians and producers. Altogether it is an unforgettable debut album by this talented musician.

Image: (IG) August K-Pop

GOT7 member, skilled musician, and talented performer, JAY B has made his solo debut as an H1GHER artist. Titled “B.T.W” and featuring the icon “Jay Park,” this chill track perfectly reflects JAY B’s musical style. Produced by Cha Cha Malone and featuring a memorable choreography and stage performance, “B.T.W” sets the tone for the rest of his brand new album. A combination of R&B and Hip-Hop, this relaxed track showcases the dynamic skills of JAY B’s voice and skills as a performance.

25/27 August 2021
Shy (eh o) MV
BOLO (ft. YDG)

The incredibly talented rapper PENOMECO is back with his two new tracks, “Shy (eh o)” and “BOLO (ft. YDG).” With afrobeat-inspired instrumentals and impactful lyrics that get stuck in the listener’s head, PENOMECO’s newest two singles stand out as uniquely brilliant. Both music videos showcase and feature PENOMECO (and YDG)’s dynamic and captivating performance. With their distinctive sound and spellbinding performances, these tracks are two stand-out releases of this month.

24 August 2021

The queen CL is back with her empowering new track, “SPICY.” With an impactful beat and powerful lyrics, “SPICY” suits CL and her dynamic style. The music video reflects the theme of the track and showcases CL’s performance of this song. Conveyed through this catchy pop track, CL has told a meaningful message about loving yourself and your heritage.

24 August 2021

Incredibly talented Kwon Eunbi has released her brand new EP, “OPEN.” This six-track album marks the solo debut of this brilliant vocalist and performer. In addition to her glamourous new title track, this album includes five incredible B-Side tracks such as “Blue Eyes,” “Rain,” and “Eternity.” With beautiful instrumentals and powerful vocals, this album is an impactful debut record from this skilled singer.

Image: @official_kwon.eunbi (IG) August K-Pop
24 August 2021
Door MV

Former member and leader of Iz*one, Kwon Eunbi has made her anticipated solo debut with the track “Door.” This dynamic debut single is a jazzy pop track with a catchy chorus. Through the fairytale-like music video and dazzling performances, Kwon Eunbi shows off her incredible performance skills. With this unforgettable song and the wonder-filled music video, Kwon Eunbi has made the perfect solo debut!

23 August 2021

VERIVERY are back with their mini-album titled “SERIES ‘O’ (ROUND 2 : HOLE).” This four-track album is a short but impactful playlist. Excluding their new title track, “TRIGGER,” this album includes three B-Side tracks named “Underdog,” “Prom,” and “Heart Attack.” Through these tracks, this group shows their flawless ability to create/perform versatile different styles and types of K-Pop music. Altogether, this album is a brilliant record by this talented group of musicians.

Image: @the_verivery (IG) August K-Pop
23 August 2021

The members of VERIVERY are back with their dynamic new track, “TRIGGER.” With a powerful beat and impactful performance, “TRIGGER” is the perfect song for this brilliant group. The music video for this track is visually striking, with action movie-like scenes/stunts and captivating performances by this talented group. With eye-catching choreography, impactful rap verses, and catchy chorus VERIVERY’s new track “TRIGGER” reflects the incredible skill of this group.

23 August 2021

The talented members of Stray Kids are back with their brand new full-length album titled “NO EASY.” This 14 track album showcases the individual skill of each of the brilliant members of Stray Kids. With a versatile range of styles and concepts, the tracks of this album create a fantastic playlist for STAY and listeners around the globe! In addition to their new title track, “Thunderous,” this album contains 13 tracks. These 13 tracks include already-released tracks like “WOLFGANG (an original track created for “Kingdom: Legendary War)” and “Mixtape: Oh.”

In addition to these already-released tracks, this album includes eight new ensemble tracks like “Star Lost,” “Silent Cry,” and “Sorry, I Love You.” In addition to these full-group tracks, this album also has three unit tracks which are, “Red Lights (by Bang Chan, Hyunjin),” “Surfin’ (by Lee Know, Changbin, Felix),” and “Gone Away (by HAN, Seungmin, I.N).” Altogether this album is a kaleidoscope of concepts that blend seamlessly and create a perfect collection!

23 August 2021
Thunderous MV

Superstar group Stray Kids is back with their powerful new track. This track is the first track released following being crowned the winners of poplar TV competition show, “Kingdom : Legendary War.” “Thunderous” is an impactful K-Pop/EDM track with instrumentals inspired by traditional Korean music and dynamic lyrics. The music video reflects the fusion of Stray Kid’s signature powerful sound and the traditional-inspired themes, with the members dancing and performing among historical/traditional sets. With a powerful instrumental, incredible choreography, and impressive performance, Stray Kids has showcased their talent and skill with this new comeback!

19 August 2021

Dynamic group Cravity is back with their first full-length album titled “The Awakening: Written In The Stars.” This pop album is a brilliant collection that showcases the members of Cravity’s versatile and incredible skills as rappers and vocalists. This album has been released on the same day as their brand new title track, “Gas Pedal.” In addition to this powerful title track, this album includes seven brilliant B-Side tracks such as “Celebrate,” “Divin’,” and “Intro: New Horizon,” among many others.” With impactful instrumentals and powerful tracks, “The Awakening: Written In The Stars” is the perfect first full-length album by this talented group.

Image: @cravity_official (IG) August K-Pop
19 August 2021
Gas Pedal MV

The talented members of Cravity are back with their brand new song, “Gas Pedal.” This electric track is the title track to their first full-length album, “The Awakening: Written In The Stars.” “Gas Pedal” is a dynamic and energetic track that showcases Cravity’s versatile talent, from brilliant vocals to powerful choreographies. The music video features incredible futuristic sets/amazing CGI landscapes that, together with Cravity’s performance, are incredibly visually impressive. Altogether this song is a powerful comeback from this skilled and electric group!

17 August 2021

Musical master GRAY is back with his brand new album titled “grayground.” This brilliant full-length album contains eleven tracks by GRAY and a selection of other incredible Hip-Hop/ R&B artists. The talented artists who feature on this album include pH-1, Woo, Zion.T, DeVita, Coogie, Loco, LeeHi, punchnello, Hoody, meenoi, and YUMDDA. Some of the eleven tracks of this album include the three title tracks, “Baby, Don’t Cry,” “Party For The Night,” and “I Don’t Love You.” In addition to the title tracks, this album also includes 8 B-Sides such as “Rise,” “Close 2 U,” and “Shop Window,” among many others. This album showcases the incredible musical skill of this flawless artist and the talent of the many artists who feature throughout this brilliant album!

Image: @callmegray (IG) August K-Pop
17 August 2021
Make Love (Feat. Zion.T) MV

Genius musician GRAY is has released his brand new album and its playful title track, “Make Love.” Featuring the always-incredible Zion.T, a fun beat, fantastic lyrics, and a retro-inspired aesthetic, this song is another masterpiece by this talented artist. The music video for this song reflects the fun and playful mood of this track with sets of pizza restaurants, record shops, and the streets of Seoul. With GRAY and Zion.T’s incredible vocals, raps, and beat, this chill track is the perfect title track for GRAY’s show-stopping new album.

17 August 2021
Low Low MV

WayV’s Ten and Yangyang have released their playful English duet track “Low Low.” This colorful song is a smile-inducing pop anthem that showcases Ten and Yangyang’s fantastic synergy. The music video for this track mirrors the playful atmosphere of this song with colorful sets and a fun aesthetic. With Ten’s brilliant pop vocals, Yangyang’s catchy rap verses, and a great beat, “Low Low” is the perfect song for these two talented musicians.

17 August 2021

Brilliant K-Pop group CIX has put out their first full album titled “OK.” This pop album combines the CIX style that listeners love with new tracks and versatile concepts. “OK” was released on the same day as CIX’s brand new summery title track titled “WAVE.” In addition to the exciting title track, this album includes nine incredible B-side tracks such as “Genie in a Bottle,” “Confession,” and “Off My Mind,” among many others. With each song showcasing CIX’s unbelievable talent, this album is the perfect playlist for listeners and FIX around the globe!

Image: @cix.official (IG) August K-Pop
17 August 2021

The talented members of CIX have released their first full-length album and their summery new title track titled “WAVE.” This empowering and impactful track encourages listeners to live their lives according to their hearts and overcome any waves that may come over their path. The music video for this track reflects the oceanic and colorful theme of this song with imagery of oceans, powerful choreography, and the magical aurora borealis lights. With a fun beat and catchy lyrics, “WAVE” is the perfect title track for CIX’s brand new full-length album.

17 August 2021

K-Pop group TXT is back with their repackaged album named “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE.” This repackaged album allows listeners to revisit the songs of TXT’s “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE,” as well as explore the three new tracks on this record. The three new tracks include the rock/punk-inspired title track named “LO$ER=LOVER,” the pop track titled “MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari),” and an emocore mix version of their previous title track. This repackaged album is a perfect collection of TXT music that showcases this group’s incredible versatility, talent, and skill as musicians.

Image: @txt_bighit (IG) August K-Pop
17 August 2021

The talented members of TXT have returned with their repackaged album and a brand new punk/rock-inspired pop track titled “LO$ER=LOVER.” With an exciting beat, brilliant lyrics, and a carefree atmosphere, this track is addictive. The music video for this track feels like a movie with a cinematic storyline of the members of TXT facing challenges while trying to make their way in life. “LO$ER=LOVER” is another flawless TXT track and perfectly showcases the incredible talent of this group!

16 August 2021

The talented members of Red Velvet have returned with their new mini-album, “Queendom.” Released on the same day as their title track, this mini-album consists of uplifting and refreshing tracks. This new album showcases the incredible skill of the Red Velvet members and their versatile concepts and styles. In addition to the title track, this album includes five B-Sides like “Pose,” “Knock On Wood,” and “Hello, Sunset,” among others.” With flawless music and incredible performances by talented members of Red Velvet, “Queendom” is another brilliant album from this dazzling girl group.

Image: @redvelvet.smtown (IG) August K-Pop
16 August 2021
Queendom MV

After over a year, Red Velvet is back with their much-anticipated track titled “Queendom.” As the queens of pop, Red Velvet’s new track is catchy, uplifting, and empowering. The music video for this track reflects the song’s playful and fun color with fantastical and dreamy sets. With a colorful atmosphere and pop beat, “Queendom” is another brilliant anthem by this iconic girl group!

12 August 2021

Park Jihoon has released his new mini-album titled “My Collection.” Released on the same day as his new title track named “Gallery,” Park Jihoon has released a fun and bright album. In addition to the title track, this mini-album includes five other B-Side songs such as “LOST (Ft. LILBOI),” “Strawberry,” and “I Wonder.” With uplifting tracks and beautiful instrumentals, this album showcases the talent and skill of this dazzling performer.

12 August 2021
Gallery MV

Wanna One member and Produce 101 Season 2 runner-up Park Jihoon has released his new track “Gallery.” With a bouncy beat and catchy chorus, this track showcases Park Jihoon’s vocals and performance skills. The music video reflects both the lyrics and flavor of this track while showcasing this song’s impressive choreography. Combining a perfect pop instrumental and Park Jihoon’s brilliant voice, “Gallery” is the perfect title track for his “My Collection” mini-album.

12 August 2021
Maniac (Sung by DOYOUNG, HAECHAN) (Prod. RYAN JHUN) MV

NCT U’s DOYOUNG and HAECHAN have collaborated on their playful and fun new track named “Maniac.” Produced by the talented RYAN JHUN, this track is an uplifting and catchy dance track that showcases the beauty of these two vocalists’ voices. The music video for this song mirrors the festive atmosphere of this song with scenes of dancing and fun. With a high-spirited feel and an exciting beat, this track by these talented singers is full of life!

12 August 2021

Incredible vocalist Gaho is back with his new single “RIDE.” This rock/punk-inspired track perfectly supports Gaho’s flawless vocals. The music video for this song reflects the edgy sound and exciting beat of this addictive track. With a mesmerizing instrumental and Gaho’s captivating vocals, “RIDE” showcases this artist’s brilliant skill and versatile talent.

12 August 2021
Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (Orchestra Ver.) MV

With SM Classics, the TOWN Orchestra has just released the orchestra version of NCT U’s 2020 track “Make A Wish (Birthday Song).” With the instrumentals of this orchestra, this version gives fans and listeners a completely fresh perspective of this song. This track shines with the magnificent instrumentals of the SM Classics TOWN orchestra. With incredible skill and talent, the musicians in this orchestra bring out a magical and beautiful sound to this K-Pop song.

11 August 2021
Check It Out MV

Weeekly has released the music video for their song “Check It Out” from their “Play Game : Holiday” album. With a playful atmosphere and bright beat, this catchy song is the perfect song for a summery day! The music video is equally smile-inducing and filled with clips of the members having fun and enjoying the track. With a bright beat and uplifting lyrics, Weeekly has delivered another refreshing and catchy song!

11 August 2021
Walking In The Rain MV

K-Pop boy group AB6IX has released their new song, “Walking In The Rain.” This song’s bouncy beat contrast’s the lyrics about someone traumatized by love and heartbreak. The music video supports the song’s cinematic lyrics with a cinematic black and white performance of this track by the talented members of this group. With stunning vocals, incredible rap verses, and a fun beat, “Walking In The Rain” is another brilliant pop track by AB6IX.

10 August 2021
Summer or Summer MV

Iconic K-Pop group Sistar members HYOLYN and DASON have reunited with this summery track titled “Summer or Summer.” Upbeat, bright, and fun, HYOLYN and DASON showcase their incredibly versatile voices with neat rap verses and sky-high high notes! The music video supports this song’s summer aesthetic with California-inspired locations and a vacation atmosphere that makes the audience feel like they are on holiday too! HYOLYN and DASON shine in this new collaboration and transports the listener to a summer vacation filled with games, fun, and warm weather.

9 August 2021
Second (ft. BIBI)

Girls Generation’s HYO has released her bright and energetic new track featuring the incredible BIBI. Named “Second,” this track is all about putting yourself first and not compromising yourself for someone else. Catchy and fun, this track is empowering and playful. The music video reflects all of these themes with a glittery and pretty aesthetic. With an energizing beat, HYO’s fantastic voice, and BIBI’s flawless verse, “Second” is another incredible track by these exceptional solo artists!

9 August 2021

ONF has released their summer-themed popup album titled “POPPING.” Released on the same day as their title track, also named “Popping,” ONF has released an uplifting and bright album. From EDM to ballad tracks, this album’s tracklist suits both the theme of the mini-album and the members’ incredible talent. In addition to the title track, this mini-album includes the B-Side tracks, “Summer Poem,” “Summer Shape,” “Dry Ice,” and “Summer End.” Altogether this album showcases the versatility of this flawless K-Pop group and is the perfect playlist for the end of summer 2021!

Image: @wm_onoff (IG) August K-Pop
9 August 2021
Popping MV

ONF has released their dance-inducing new track titled “Popping.” This incredible track is bright, catchy, and showcases the out-of-this-world skills of this flawless group. The music video includes science-fiction and youthful aesthetics, with the members traveling to both a high school gym and outer space! Altogether “Popping” is a brilliant summer song from this talented group.

9 August 2021

Ha Sungwoon has released his uplifting and refreshing mini-album repackaged titled “Select Shop.” Released on the same day as his bright new title track, “Strawberry Gum ft. Don Mills,” this album is a feel-good playlist. “Select Shop” is filled with songs that showcase Ha Sungwoon’s incredible voice and musical talent. In addition to the title track, this album includes four new beautiful B-Side songs, “Galaxy Dust,” “Let’s Sing,” “Cake,” and “Magic Word. Furthermore, this album includes the tracklist of Ha Sungwoon’s “Sneakers” album with incredible songs like “Why don’t you see a movie?” “Don’t leave me alone,” and “Bus.” With flawless music and exceptional vocals, Ha Sungwoon has delivered another unforgettable album!

Image: @official.hasungwoon (IG) August K-Pop
9 August 2021
Strawberry Gum MV

Ha Sungwoon is back with his newest album and title song titled “Strawberry Gum,” featuring the talented rapper Don Mills. This catchy and bright song is a retro-inspired party track with an addictive chorus that makes the listener fall in love with this track! The music video includes scenes inspired by the track and its disco style. “Strawberry Gum” is a playful track that showcases Don Mills’ brilliant rap skills and Ha Sungwoon’s incredible vocals and skills as a singer/performer.

9 August 2021

Brilliant K-Pop boy group THE BOYZ is back with their new summery bright album “THRILL-ING.” Released on the same day as their playful title track, “THRILL RIDE,” this mini-album is filled with catchy and energizing tracks. This new album showcases the versatile talents of the members of THE BOYZ. In addition to the title track, this album includes five B-Side songs like “Dancing Till We Drop,” “Nightmares,” and “Merry Bad Ending,” among others. With incredible music, brilliant vocals, flawless rap verses, and catchy instrumentals, “THILL-ING,” is a dance-inducing playlist perfect for any time of the year!

Image: @official_theboyz (IG) August K-Pop
9 August 2021

THE BOYZ are back, and they have brought a summer vacation with them! This talented group has come back with their newest track, “THRILL RIDE.” This upbeat summery track showcases this group’s versatile talent, from rap verses to stunning vocals! The music video reflects the bright sound of this song with neon lights, hotel pools, energetic choreography, and summer nights! With a catchy melody and a fun aesthetic, THE BOYZ has come back with another fantastic track!

6 August 2021
Baby Don’t Cry (Feat. Yumdda) MV

GRAY and Yumdda have collaborated on their new track titled “Baby don’t cry.” This catchy track is about keeping your head up in the hard times and having faith in yourself. With an empowering message and an excellent beat, this track perfectly complements GRAY and Yumdda’s powerful performance, vocals, and rap verses. The music video consists of a series of scenes that reflect the lyrics and atmosphere of the song while telling the story of someone who works their way to luxury and wealth. “Baby don’t cry” is a brilliant Hip-Hop track that reminds the listener that life’s challenges will pay off if you persevere.

6 August 2021

Talented K-Popstar SUNMI is back with her incredible new album, “1/6.” Released on the same day as her empowering title track, “You can’t sit with us,” this EP is catchy and playful. This new album perfectly showcases everything fans love about SUNMI’s distinctive musical style. In addition to the title track, this album also includes five B-Side songs, with tracks like “SUNNY,” “1/6,” and “Narcissism.” With brilliant music, flawless vocals, and dance-inducing instrumentals, “1/6,” is an unforgettable new EP by this exceptional artist.

Image: @miyayeah (IG) August K-Pop
6 August 2021
You can’t sit with us MV

SUNMI has put out her newest title track from her new EP album. This retro-inspired track is called “You can’t sit with us.” With a catchy chorus and an impactful rap verse, this track is everything fans love about SUNMI’s music and a fresh style for this versatile artist. The music video for this song is a kaleidoscope of 20th-century aesthetics meets an action zombi movie and a rom-com style love story. “You can’t sit with us” is fun, playful, empowering, and transports the listener to the world that SUNMI has created with this track.

5 August 2021
Next Episode MV

AKMU has released its newest MV from their “NEXT EPISODE” album. This track, named “Next Episode,” features the excellent vocals of Choi Junghoon of JANNABI. This incredible song consists of poetic lyrics that draw the listener into the story of this child who is learning some hard lessons and going through growing pains. The music video for this song reflects the cinematic spirit of the song while portraying a heart-wrenching scene of someone who has just lost someone they love in a car accident. Emotional and tragic, this song pulls at the heart-strings of listeners and draws them in with its coming-of-age story.

4 August 2021

K-Pop girl group Weeekly is back with their summery new album, “Play Game : Holiday.” Released on the same day as their uplifting and playful title track, “Holiday Party,” this five-song mini-album is charming, colorful, and sweet. In addition to their title track, this album also includes four B-Side songs, “Weekend,” “Check It Out,” “La Luna,” and “Memories Of Summer Rain.” With catchy music, stunning vocals, neat raps, and impactful instrumentals, “Play Game : Holiday,” is a playful and refreshing playlist perfect for summer!

Image: @_weeekly (IG) August K-Pop
4 August 2021
Holiday Party MV

Weeekly have released their summer album and their newest colorful title track titled, “Holiday Party.” This playful and festive track is an uplifting and sweet song that emphasizes the members of Weeekly’s incredible voices and performance skills. The music video for this song reflects the fresh and festive feel of this track, with scenes of the members throwing a pink-filled party. Colorful, refreshing, and smile-inducing, “Holiday Party” is the perfect title track for their new summer album.

4 August 2021
Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!

ONEUS has released their new summer track, “Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!” This impactful track is a catchy and energetic summery track that showcases ONEUS’ impressive talents with exceptional vocal/rap verses and intricate choreographies. The music video for this song is a powerful desert performance by the members of this energetic track. With a catchy chorus, impactful instrumental, and energizing atmosphere, this song is a brilliant summer track by this talented group.

3 August 2021
Trip Advisor MV

The members of ONF have released their fun summer track “Trip Advisor.” With an upbeat instrumental and refreshing feel, this playful track is uplifting and bright. The music video features the members traveling around the globe through videos sent by their fans. Both a clever idea and a concept that reflects the theme, the music video for this song makes the listener crave traveling and overseas summer holidays! With a fun track and a genius music video, “Trip Advisor” is a playful summer song with an infectious beat!

3 August 2021
I can’t make you love me MV

KINDA BLUE and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa have released their stunning new collaboration, “I can’t make you love me.” This beautiful song is a calming and peaceful breakup song with exquisite vocals and a relaxing instrumental that supports the voices of these two talented vocalists. The music video for this song is an illustrative animation lyric video of a couple recovering from a difficult breakup. With a comforting instrumental and magnificent vocals, “I can’t make you love me,” showcases the incredible vocals of these two artists.

3 August 2021
ALL IN (Prod. GroovyRoom) MV

Jay Park and pH-1 have just released their newest collaboration track, “ALL IN,” produced by the talented GroovyRoom. This powerful track is inspiring and energetic with clever/motivational lyrics and an epic instrumental that makes the listener want to live their life to the fullest. The music video for this song includes dynamic digital sets and Jay Park and pH-1’s outstanding performance of the track. With powerful instrumentals and Jay Park/pH-1’s incredible verses, “ALL IN” is an impactful track that stays with the listener.

2 August 2021

K-Pop group ASTRO is back with their refreshing summer album, “SWITCH ON.” Released on the same day as their title track, “After Midnight,” this six-song mini-album is a bright and fun playlist for AROHA and pop-lovers around the globe. In addition to their title track, this album also includes five original B-Side songs including, “Footprint,” “Waterfall,” and “Sunset Sky.” Each track on this EP is a beautiful pop song that together forms a brilliant addition to ASTRO’s incredible discography.

Image: @officialastro (IG) August K-Pop
2 August 2021
After Midnight MV

Five-membered K-Pop group ASTRO are back with their summery pop track “After Midnight.” This bright track is a fun dance track with a playful beat and a fun concept. The music video follows the ASTRO members as they take a youthful beach vacation. Furthermore, the video reflects the song’s summer concept with its colorful flower, driftwood, campfires, and ocean sets. With a sparkling track, upbeat pop feel, and stunning choreography, “After Midnight” perfectly suits their new summer album, “SWITCH ON.”

2 August 2021

Talented K-Pop boy-group Golden Child has released their new full album titled “Game Changer.” Released on the same day as their title track, “Ra Pam Pam,” this 11 track album is the perfect collection for Goldenness and music-listeners around the globe. In addition to full-group songs, this album also includes Solo and Duo tracks such as “Singing In The Rain (Joo Chan & Bo Min)” and “Out The Window (Dae Yeol Solo).” Other fantastic B-Side tracks include “Bottom Of The Ocean,” “Spell,” and “I Know.” Flawless songs, perfect vocals, neat rap verses, and incredible skill, through this unforgettable album, the members of Golden Child have demonstrated their dazzling talent and musical sense.

Image: @official_gncd11 (IG) August K-Pop
2 August 2021
Ra Pam Ram MV

Powerful and impactful, Golden Child’s newest track is titled “Ra Pam Pam.” “Ra Pam Pam” is a Latin-inspired track with a rhythmic chorus and impressive choreography. This music video takes place in an apocalyptic environment (similar to Golden Child’s previous comeback where the members had to battle zombies) with poisonous air and tragic sacrifices. With a dramatic music video, incredible choreographies, and a flawless pop track, “Ra Pam Pam,” is a brilliant title track for their newest album, “Game Changer.”

2 August 2021

Brilliant SOMI is back with her playful new track, “DUMB DUMB.” This track showcases a fresh side of SOMI’s voice, with its fun sound and a catchy chorus. The music video is dramatic and impactful as SOMI plays a popular high school girl whose crush she tries to impress. Bright, playful, light, and fun, “DUMB DUMB” is the perfect track for SOMI fans this summer.

30 July 2021
BENCH (with Zion.T) MV

Talented AKMU has released their fifth music video from their most recent 2021 album. Titled “BENCH,” this song features the brilliant vocals of iconic singer Zion.T. “BENCH” is about someone who longs to live carefreely on a bench in the suburbs. With fun lyrics and a feel-good beat, this song is an anthem for people living their way despite criticism. The music video includes fun visuals of benches, upbeat dancers, and suburbia that fit the concept of the track. With an incredibly catchy hook and get-up-and-dance chorus, “BENCH” is a happy and playful track by these brilliant artists.

30 July 2021

Talented K-Pop girl group Dreamcatcher has released their summer EP titled “Summer Holiday.” Released on the same day as their title track, “BEcause,” this six-track album is the perfect summer playlist for InSomnia around the globe. In addition to their title track, this album also includes incredible B-Side songs like “Airplane,” and “A Heart of Sunflower.” With brilliant music and unbelievable talent, the members of Dreamcatcher have showcased their versatile skills throughout their newest release.

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher (IG) August K-Pop
30 July 2021
BEcause MV

Brilliant girl group Dreamcatcher has released their lastest comeback titled “BEcause.” This catchy and powerful track supports Dreamcatcher’s style with its rock-inspired instrumentals, perfect vocals, and flawless rap verses. The music video for this song includes stunning sets of haunted houses, creepy carnival grouds, and other nightmare motifs that fit the concept of the track. With this strong’s strong instrumentals and Dreamcatcher’s impeccable vocals/rap, “BEcause” is the perfect title track for their brand new album “Summer Holiday.”

29 July 2021
Tictoc Tictoc Tictoc MV

AKMU has released their fourth music video from their “NEXT EPISODE” album. This track is named “Tictoc Tictoc Tictoc,” and features the talented rapper Beenzino. With themes of time and breaking out of other’s expectations, “Tictoc Tictoc Tictoc” is another masterpiece with genius lyrics. The music video for this song is filled with stunning visuals and aesthetics that support the atmosphere and story of this track. With a brilliantly catchy and addictive chorus and Beenzino’s neat impressive verse, “Tictoc Tictoc” is an unforgettable track from this flawless album.

29 July 2021
NEED (ooo-eee) MV

Solo singer LØREN has released his second track, “NEED (ooo-eee).” This rock track hooks the listener with its punk-inspired instrumentals and LØREN’s incredibly catchy vocals and lyrics. The music video for this track is cinematic and stunningly composed of aesthetic shots, including those of LØREN’s performance. “NEED (ooo-eee)” showcases LØREN’s incredible vocals and talent as a musician.

29 July 2021
Drive You Home MV

Fantastic artist Jackson Wang is back with his collaboration track “Drive You Home,” with musician Internet Money. This exceptional track’s irresistible beat is addictive, emotional, and catchy. The music video for this song is about this chaos that follows a car-crash-like breakup by illustrating the dark spiral of someone desperate for their past relationship. “Drive You Home” showcases Jackson Wang’s incredible vocal skills and powerful performance that brings the audience into the emotional story told by this song.

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Are You A True MOA? Take This Quiz & Prove How Well You Know Soobin Do YOU know this K-Pop Slang Word? K-Pop Slang and Vocabulary (#10) Do YOU know this K-Pop Slang Word? K-Pop Slang and Vocabulary (#9) (QUIZ) How Well Do YOU Know NCT’s Yuta? Do YOU know this K-Pop Slang Word? K-Pop Slang and Vocabulary (#8)