12 K-Pop summer songs for your playlist this season!

Nothing beats a good summer song for my favorite season! Like eating watermelon on a warm day, good K-Pop summer songs can be refreshing and energizing even on the hottest days.

Note: This list includes some of the most recognizable and fresh K-Pop summer songs by some of the genre’s best talents. While this is not an all-inclusive list of all the K-Pop summer songs, this list will at least be a solid place to start building your playlist this season!

1. BTS “Butter”

Butter MV

A brand new addition, BTS’s “Butter” is an unmissable summer song! BTS’s second English song (see Dynamite below) is a fun pop song that perfectly matches the fun of summer. With an eye-catching music video and charming choreography, “Butter” is a fun song to add to any summer playlist!

Image: @bts.bighitofficial (Instagram)

2. Red Velvet “Red Flavor”

Red Flavor MV

The queens of the K-Pop summer song! Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” is representative of K-Pop’s best summer songs. With fun lyrics, a uplifting beat, and a sweet melody, “Red Flavour” is one of Red Velvet’s best summer songs. Other Red Velvet summer songs include “Ice Cream Cake” and their summer-themed album, “The Red Summer” (2017).

Furthermore, in 2018, this five-member group released their second summer mini-album named “Summer Magic” and its title track “Power Up.” With all of this summer music, it is no surprise that Red Velvets are the queens of summer!

Image: @redvelvet.smtown (Instagram)
Image: @redvelvet.smtown (Instagram)

3. TWICE “Dance The Night Away”

Dance The night Away MV

TWICE have some of the best refreshing music in K-Pop. With summer albums like “Summer Nights” (2018) and countless K-Pop summer songs that have topped the charts, TWICE songs have become summer staples. However, among TWICE’s summer songs, “Dance The Night Away” is arguably the most iconic. With a catchy hook, a memorable choreography, and an energizing beat, “Dance The Night Away” is perfect for a warm summer night.

Other summer songs from TWICE includes their 2020 hit “More & More,” which, although it is not specifically summer-themed, also captures the feeling of the season.

Image: @twicetagram (Instagram)

4. Blackpink “Ice Cream” (with Selena Gomez”

Ice Cream MV

In 2020 Blackpink released one of the most memorable K-pop summer songs of the last decade. With sugary-sweet lyrics, summery melodies, and a pastel theme, Blackpink’s “Ice Cream” featuring Selena Gomez is the perfect summer song to come from this world-conquering girl group. Overnight this song became one of the most popular songs of summer 2020.

Image: @blackpinkofficial (Instagram)

5. BTS “Dynamite”

Dynamite MV

Iconic, memorable, and embedded with the summer feeling, BTS’s first English song is a perfect K-Pop summer song! With a retro-inspired sound and pastel disco theme, “Dynamite” is the epitome of summer. Like sweet-sour lemonade or swimming in the waves, “Dynamite” is refreshing and energizing in the warm months.

Image: @bts.bighitofficial (Instagram)



Self-empowering, uplifting and energizing, ITZY’s second comeback has all the qualities of an iconic K-Pop summer song. “ICY” is a great summer track that encourages listeners to walk with confidence, despite life’s challenges. With a great message, addictive chorus, and the charisma that ITZY brings to their music, “ICY” is the perfect song to listen to on a lazy summer afternoon to boost your energy!

Image: @itzy.all.in.us (Instagram)

7. TXT “Our Summer”

Our Summer MV

The only B-side on this list, this song is a must-listen track in summer. With a fresh melody and sweet lyrics, TXT’s “Our Summer” from their debut album “The Dream Chapter: STAR” (2019) is a song that should be included on every summer playlist! Although this is not one of TXT’s title tracks, this song is the perfect song to listen to on early summer mornings, next to the pool, or on a stroll along the coast.

Image: @txt_bighit (Instagram)



Hakuna Matata, summer vibes, and an ocean-like rhythmic beat, ATEEZ created the perfect K-Pop summer song. “WAVE” is a coastal song that encourages listeners to live fearlessly and make the most of life. Released in 2019 with their summery album “TREASURE EP.3: One to All,” this song was hugely successful and won ATEEZ their first music show win. “WAVE” is like the ocean on a summer day, exciting, uplifting, and refreshing.

Image: @ateez_official_ (Instagram)

9. ZICO “Summer Hate” (Feat. Rain)

Summer Hate

Although this list does not include many solo artists, Zico’s 2020 hit “Summer Hate” feat. Rain is one of the best K-Pop summer songs ever released. “Summer Hate” is an ironic summer song since the song’s entire theme is the frustration that accompanies hot weather. In addition to an addictive beat, this song is uplifting, relatable, and surprisingly refreshing.

Image: @koz_entofficial (Instagram)

10. Day6 “I’m Serious”

I’m Serious MV

Refreshing, chill, and full of summer vibes. “I’m Serious” is a band/acoustic style song that’s perfect for a summer evening. While the track is not directly about summer, the acoustic island feel of this song undeniably ties “I’m Serious” to the summer months. “I’m Serious” is the perfect song to listen to when driving under the summer sun or eating popsicles by the ocean.

Image: @day6 (Instagram)

11. TWICE “Alcohol-Free”

Alcohol-Free MV

A tropical, refreshing, and sparkling title song, TWICE wowed everyone with this addictive summer song. With an intoxicating melody and fun lyrics, this warm song is the perfect way to start the summer of 2021. This song is an ideal soundtrack to listen to while sipping a mocktail by the pool or the beach!

Image: @twicetagram (Instagram)

12. WEi “Bye Bye Bye”

Bye Bye Bye MV

A summer break-up song, this anthem is the perfect uplifting tune in these warm months. “Bye Bye Bye” is the title of their summer-themed album “IDENTITY: Action.” With such a catchy beat and eye-catchy choreography, Rui’s summer could not have started better. I imagine listening to this song while sitting on a park bench or while walking on a warm sidewalk with an ice cream cone in one hand.

Image: @wei_official (Instagram)

Other notable songs include: “Ko Ko Bop” (EXO), “We Lost The Summer” (TXT), and “SUMMER TIME” (The Boyz)

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