10 more K-Pop summer songs for your playlist! (Part.2)

Pool parties, watermelon triangles, and colorful sneakers, summer aesthetics are magical. Equally, summer songs are refreshing, uplifting, and some of the most beloved tracks in K-Pop. This playlist includes songs from artists like Brave Girls, SEVENTEEN, NCT Dream, and SF9. Keep reading for the second list of summer songs that are unmissable for any K-Pop listener.

Note: This is the second article in a series of unmissable summer recommendations, for part one see: 12 K-Pop summer songs for your playlist this season!

1. Chi Mat Ba Ram (Brave Girls)
Chi Mat Ba Ram MV

Incredible vocalists, an addictive hook, and an oceanic aesthetic “Chi Mat Ba Ram” is a fun dance track by summer queens Brave Girls. This beach-side song is the perfect track to follow up their explosive “Rollin'” song earlier this year. With a refreshing melody and Brave Girls’ stunning vocals, “Chi Mat Ba Ram” should be on every summer playlist this year!

Image: @bravegirls.official (IG)
2. Left & Right (SEVENTEEN)
Left & Right MV

As one of the most memorable songs of 2020, SEVENTEEN’s “Left and Right” is an energetically fun summer hit with an easy-to-follow point choreography and fun lyrics. With a positive message of going with life’s flow despite obstacles, this song topped charts and got streamed millions of times. This trendy and colorful track is the title track from this group’s 2020 summer album, “Heng:garae” and fills any space with positive energy and fun!

Image: @saythename_17 (IG)
3. Cloud 9 (Cravity)
Cloud 9 MV

This cheerful, colorful track from Cravity’s debut album is an uplifting track with an addictive chorus that has the power to make audiences around the world instantly smile. This song showcases Cravity’s youthful energy and ability to pull off any concept perfectly. Energetic and positive, “Cloud 9” makes you want to buy a ticket to a place you have never been to and explore the world.

Image: @cravity_official (IG)
4. Free Pass (DRIPPIN)
Free Pass MV

This bright song from the new group DRIPPIN is a charming love song. With amusement park aesthetics and DRIPPIN’s talent, this summer song is playful, heart-warming, and as sweet as cotton candy. The title track to their single album of the same name, this fun song sure to brighten up listeners’ summer of 2021.

Image: @drippin_insta (IG)
5. Pool Party Brave Girls (feat. E-CHAN of DKB)
Pool Party (Feat. E-CHAN of DKB) MV

Disco, backyard BBQs, and roller skating with Brave Girls, this second title track from their “Summer Queen” album, is a summer party song to light up your summer evening. With Brave Girls’ stunning vocals and featuring the rap of DKB member E-CHAN, this catchy song is an addictive track with an irresistible chorus.

Image: @bravegirls.official (IG)
6. Sneakers (Ha Sung Woon)
Sneakers MV

One of my favorite 2021 releases, former Wanna One member Ha Sungwoon’s “Sneakers,” is a refreshing hit! The title track of his brilliant summer album of the same name, this track is an adventurous and upbeat addictive summer song. With a beautiful MV shot in stunning Jeju Island, this song radiates positive energy that makes you want to run outside and explore the world!

Image: @official.hasungwoon (IG)
Image: @official.hasungwoon (IG)
7. Hello Future (NCT Dream)
Hello Future MV

A fun and energetic love song, this summery dance song showcases NCT Dream’s rap and incredible vocal talents. The title track of their first repackaged album, this upbeat track is filled with the colors and charms of NCT. Energizing, uplifting, and playful, NCT Dream combines many concepts and styles perfectly in this summer track.

Image: @nct_dream (IG)
8. Summer Breeze (SF9)
Summer Breeze MV

Unique and powerful, this dance track from incredible group SF9 is a cinematic track that hits the listener like a warm summer wind. With its stand-out unique sound, “Summer Breeze” is one of the most memorable summer tracks released in 2020. The perfect title track for their “9lory Us” full album, this song demonstrates SF9’s powerful vocals, impressive rap, and eye-catching choreography.

Image: @sf9official (IG)
9. Bon Voyage (YooA)
Bon Voyage MV

YooA’s dazzling solo debut, “Bon Voyage,” is an enchanting song delivered powerfully by this Oh My Girl member. With uniquely intricate and beautiful choreography and lyrics, this fairytale-like song is truly a magical summer song. A stunning debut, “Bon Voyage,” transports the listener to a faraway island filled with forests, fields, and the beautiful ocean.

Image: @yoo__sha (IG)
10. Ready For Love (Seventeen)
Ready to love MV

Flowers, pastels, and pink school buses, Seventeen’s 2021 summer hit, “Ready for Love,” has a colorfully beautiful aesthetic. With Seventeen’s intricate choreography, show-stopping vocals, and impressive raps, this pretty love song is the perfect title track for their summer mini-album “Your Choice.”

Image: @saythename_17 (IG)

Other notable songs include: “Wave” (Seventeen), “Ice Cream” (TXT), and “Ah puh” (IU)

To find out more about summer songs and the artists that perform them, keep reading here: K-Pop Music and K-Pop Artists.

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