10 K-Hip-Hop songs of 2021 to add to your playlist

Although we are only in the first half of the year, 2021 has already been a fantastic year for K-Hip-Hop! With the end of High School Rapper Season 4 and albums from artists including BIG Naughty and ASH ISLAND, here are ten unmissable K-Hip-Hop tracks released in 2021:

Note: there have been so many K-Hip-Hop songs that have already been released this year. This list includes only some of the most widely known songs, for more information about these artists or this sub-genre see K-Pop Artists and K-Pop Music.


One of the many perfect songs from ASH ISLAND’s 2021 hit album “ISLAND,” “MELODY,” is a catchy chart-topper. Combining ASH ISLAND’s unique rap style with an upbeat instrumental, this song is one of my all-time favorites.

Image: @ash.island (IG)

2. lila lila (B.I)

illa illa MV

Brilliant songwriting and an addictive melody, B.I’s long-awaited solo debut song, “illa illa,” is an up-tempo track that inspired me to listen to his excellent debut album. The title track to his solo debut album “Waterfall,” this chill hip-hop track is the perfect way to start summer!

3. Meu Tempo (Heo Wonhyuk, BIBI, Simon Dominic)

Meu Tempo Performance

This Latin-inspired uplifting track performed by Heo Wonhyuk is one of the most popular songs from this year’s High School Rapper season. With Simon Dominic’s skillful rap and BIBI’s iconic vocals, this fun song has stayed on the K-Hip-Hop charts despite the end of the competition.

4. Life is a Bi… (BIBI)

Life is a Bi… MV

One of the many memorable tracks from BIBI’s incredible album of the same name, “Life is a Bi..” is another brilliant addition to BIBI’s iconic discography. This catchy song and its fantastic beat perfectly showcase BIBI’s unique ability to blend Hip-Hop and R&B to form her style. A playful song about life’s hardships, this smash hit is the perfect outro track for her brilliant mini-album, which has become one of my favorite releases of 2021.



The main rapper of K-Pop group iKON, the winner of Show Me The Money Season 3, and the flawless solo rapper, Bobby, has returned with his show-stopping new album “LUCKY MAN.” The title track and intro song for his 2021 album, “U MAD,” is a lightning-fast rap song with a powerful beat. Its lyrics are about having self-confidence in hard times and not giving in to the hate you might receive.

6. Joker (BIG Naughty, JAMIE)

Joker MV

With an addictive beat, fantastic songwriting, and JAMIE’s brilliant vocals, this enchanting song is the perfect title track from one of my favorite rap albums of 2021, “Bucket List.” About someone who is feeling played in a relationship, this song showcases BIG Naughty’s sing-like rap style, which combines perfectly with JAMIE’s unbeatable vocal skill.

7. Villain (Cheetah, JAMIE)

Villain MV

Another track featuring JAMIE, this female power track is a powerful anthem from these two queens of Korean music! With an addictive beat, Cheetah’s smooth rap, and this track’s memorable lyrics, “Villain” is the perfect song for these two incredible female artists.

8. Hanryang (Min Kyunghoon, KIM HEECHUL, BIBI)

Hanryang MV

“Hanyang” is a traditional-themed hip-hop song from KIM HEECHUL, Min Kyunghoon, and BIBI. This catchy song is an uplifting anthem with an iconic concept and memorable lyrics that light me up every time I hear this song!

9. Rosario (Epik High, CL, ZICO)

Rosario MV

Released in January, this fantastic track is one of the most iconic hip-hop songs released this year. A Latin-inspired hip-hop track, “Rosario” is the title song of Epik High’s most recent album, “Epik High is Here (Part 1).” “Rosario” perfectly displays the brilliant synergy of this group of talented artists. From CL’s beautiful vocals and ZICO’s wonderful verse to Epik High’s skillful songwriting, composition, production, and rap talent, “Rosario” is a masterpiece.

10. GENIUS (D.Ark and CHANGMO)


As the first single from D.Ark after High School Rapper Season 4’s end, this hip-hop duo’s clear beat and fun lyrics make the perfect song for this talented artist. A flawless title track for D.Ark’s solo debut album, “EP1 GENIUS,” this playful song shows off the talent of these two artists.

Other 2021 K-Hip-Hop hits are: “HEAT” (lIlBOI, Wonstein, Mirani), “Turn Up!” (BIG Naughty Feat. M1NU, Veinfl, Swervy, Layone, Young Ji Le, Lil Nekh, D.Ark), “365&7” (pH-1 Feat. Jamie), and “Party Forever” (Simon Dominic) among many other great Korean Hip-Hop tracks that have been released this year…

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